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What’s the Solution to Fighting Off the Increasing Tide of Scams? 
Recent studies have proven that over the past two years all types of scams have increased by 67%. There are numerous reasons for this, but primarily everything turns towards digitization, and our heavy reliance on online services. People need to protect themselves and their family, and it should be down now. The best solution to this problem is to GET INFORMED, GET PREPARED, and GET EDUCATED.

Theclaimers Logo

Our company, TheClaimers, is a team of expert investigators, cybercrime analysts, and on-field researchers that have collaborated with various third-party institutions to ensure no one loses out on their hard-earned money. This initiative was taken 5 years ago, when our founder, Mr. Koven was almost scammed through a payment scam. He almost lost around $27,000. However, with the relevant information, connections, and insights, he was able to retrieve his stolen money. To this day he believes that if he had known about payment scams before they happened to him, he could have equipped his systems to ensure that nothing like this happens. That was the inspiration for the company, which is the simple desire to fight back against scam attacks.


We aim to be the most authentic database for all types of scams. We target scams from online scams to romance scams, CFD trading scams, Forex scams, and cryptocurrency scams as well. All the materials on our website consist of detailed information that is both authentic, relatable, and totally FREE to everybody.

Learn and equip yourself to fight against scammers through the power of knowledge and reliable information.

If You've Been Scammed, We Can Help You

Get advice from a team of scam recovery experts that’s on your side. We can share insights on how to fight off scams, and we can also refer you to trusted scam recovery agencies. 

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