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Alliance Health Insurance Blacklisted for Dishonest Tactics & Scams! 

It can be difficult, complicated, and intimidating to sort through your health insurance options and policies. Scammers and dishonest businesses are aware of this and take advantage of it. 

You can end up with a so-called “health plan” that covers little to no medical costs rather than the health insurance coverage you and your family require. Furthermore, it can force you to pay hefty medical expenses. You could fall victim to an insurance company fraud if your luck is bad and you are ignorant about health insurance scams.

Alliance Health Insurance Company Overview

Health Insurance

One of the top global providers of integrated financial services is the Allianz Group. The alliance health and life insurance company provides various insurance and asset management-related products, services, and solutions to its 126 million consumers across more than 70 countries. A wide variety of items are offered by the company, some of which include: 

Insurance for Property and Casualties 

They are there to assist you in planning your future (or your next adventure) from birth to retirement, whether you want to secure your personal property, like your home or car, or to cover your liabilities. 

They offer a wide range of services and products across all insurance business lines to their individual, retail, and corporate clients to protect them against hazards.

Life and Health Insurance 

Alliance solutions adapt to your changing needs, providing you the assurance you need to take care of your loved ones. 

Life Health Insurance

Offering international health, life, and disability insurance as well as a wide range of health and protection services to private individuals, families, companies, and partners, they cater to the needs of our clients worldwide in terms of health and wellbeing protection. 

Asset Administration 

They are one of the biggest asset managers in the world and manage assets using active investment techniques with about 1,960 billion euros in assets under management. 

They aid private and corporate clients in creating investing portfolios and safeguard their capital. They give clients access to our global network of top-notch financial professionals for everything from fixed income to stocks to alternative assets.

Commercial Insurance 

They provide personalized and specialized business insurance and risk consultancy for businesses in various industries, ranging from huge corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, to secure your supply chain and safeguard your assets. 

Commercial Insurance

With a global network spanning more than 160 countries, Allianz Global & Corporate Specialty (AGCS) exclusively focuses on the needs of global corporate and specialty clients. More than half of the Fortune Global 500 companies and the majority of top marine and aviation businesses rely on AGCS for their global business insurance.

Guaranteed Obligations and Trade Credit Insurance 

They provide a wide range of options through Allianz Trade to manage commercial credits between businesses. They are renowned experts in political risk, surety, debt collection, fraud insurance, and structured trade credit. They are also the world leader in trade credit insurance. 

In addition to compensating your business in the case of bad debt, they also assist you in preventing bad debt in the first place. They give businesses the confidence to trade and be paid. 

Alliance’s goal is predictive protection, whether they offer trade credit insurance, surety bonds, or other financial solutions. The financial soundness of 83 million businesses across all industries and in more than 160 countries is tracked and analyzed by the Alliance worldwide monitoring network.

To learn more about how to protect yourself from Alliance Health Insurance scam, contact us now!

The Types of Scams Alliance Health Insurance Conducts 

Kinds of Scams

There are numerous types of securities fraud that come under alliance health insurance scam. There are several ways to deceive investors with incorrect information, in fact. 

For instance, high-yield investment fraud may promise high rates of return while saying there is little to no danger. Commodities, securities, real estate, and other types of investments are possible. Advance fee scams can employ a more cunning tactic where the con artist persuades their victims to advance them small sums of money with the promise of larger rewards. Sometimes the money is needed to pay taxes and processing costs associated with cash that is purportedly waiting to be distributed. 

Ponzi and pyramid schemes often use the money provided by new investors to pay the promised returns to earlier investors who become caught up in the plan. In order to perpetuate the hoax for as long as feasible, such schemes necessitate the con artists’ constant recruitment of new victims. 

Internet fraud is one of the more recent varieties of securities fraud. This type of plan, sometimes known as a pump-and-dump scheme, involves using forums and chat rooms to disseminate erroneous or misleading stock information. The idea is to artificially inflate those stocks’ prices—a process known as pumping—and then dump them when the price hits a predetermined level. 

The FBI cautions that demands personal information like credit card details and Social Security numbers, along with unsolicited offers and high-pressure sales tactics on the part of the fraudster, are common indicators of security fraud.

Recent Cases of Alliance Health Insurance Scams 

In connection with the collapse of its Structured Alpha Funds in 2020, Allianz SE has announced that its US asset management division will enter a guilty plea to criminal securities fraud and pay more than $6 billion in fines. 

Health Insurance Cases

According to court filings, the deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) includes a $463 million forfeit, $3.24 billion in restitution, and a $2.33 billion criminal punishment. 

The accused entity, Allianz Global Investors US LLC (AGI US), was accused of misleading pension funds and other investors about the performance of the Structured Alpha Funds. In order to increase their compensation, prosecutors claimed that management inflated the fund’s performance and neglected to put in place safeguards meant to protect it from market volatility. The funds lost more than $7 billion in a matter of weeks as a result of the funds collapsing under the erratic financial market conditions that characterized the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

On its side, health alliance insurance claims that “a handful of individuals” in the structured products team who are no longer working for the organization were responsible for the criminal behavior at AGI US. 

Gregoire Tournant, a former chief investment officer who is also accused of fraud, conspiracy, and obstruction, as well as two other portfolio managers who have admitted their guilt, were among them. The SEC is anticipated to provide waivers to guarantee that the business operations of PIMCO and Allianz Life are unaffected. Still, according to Allianz, the guilty plea will prevent AGI US from providing advice to mutual and pension funds. 

Additionally, the business has agreed to transfer to Voya Investment Management AGI US’s investment management activities, which now manage about $120 billion in assets (Voya IM). The Structured Products Group, which was previously disbanded, is not included in any of the transferred activities; it was added. 

Following the Memorandum of Understanding provisions, AllianzGI would market Voya IM’s investment strategies outside the United States in exchange for up to 24 percent equity in Voya IM. No outside financing or usage of extra capital from Voya will be needed for the transaction. AGI US will forfeit $174.3 million to the DOJ and pay $675 million to the SEC as a fine in connection with the Structured Alpha settlements. A portion of this money may be utilized to compensate investors. 

The roughly $5 billion in compensation granted to investors in Structured Alpha has been or will be used to settle other financial liabilities addressed by the DOJ and the SEC.  Alliance made an additional €1.9 billion provision for its Structured Alpha Funds in the first quarter of 2022, which had a negative impact on its quarterly earnings of almost €1.6 billion and decreased net income to just €600 million, as opposed to a €3.2 billion operating profit for the firm.


With how easy it is for scammers to acquire your data, it’s reasonable to be alarmed. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting advice from experts. We will guide and even help you get your money back from scammers.

The Tremendous Amounts of Money Stolen by Alliance Health Insurance 

Amount Stolen Money

Teachers, clerics, bus drivers, and engineers are among the victims of this wrongdoing by alliance health & life insurance companies because their pensions are invested in institutional funds to sustain their retirement. 

This instance serves as more proof that even the most knowledgeable institutional investors, such as pension funds, are susceptible to fraud. Unfortunately, we have recently witnessed a number of instances where sophisticated products and derivatives have hurt investors across a variety of financial sectors. The Commission is prepared to protect investors with the help of all available resources, including by upholding restrictions on specific actions by the responsible parties. 

Gregoire P. Tournant, Lead Portfolio Manager for Structured Alpha, is accused of orchestrating a multi-year scheme to deceive investors who put about $11 billion into the company and paid the defendants more than $550 million in fees, according to the SEC’s complaint, which was filed in federal district court in Manhattan. 

It also claims that Tournant altered a number of financial reports and other information given to investors with the help of Co-Lead Portfolio Manager Trevor L. Taylor and Portfolio Manager Stephen G. Bond-Nelson in order to hide the extent of Structured Alpha’s real risk and the fund’s actual performance. 

The fund suffered catastrophic losses, and investors lost billions when the 2020 COVID-related market volatility showed that AGI US and the defendants had deceived investors about the fund’s risk level. The defendants benefitted from health alliance life insurance company dishonesty while doing so. 

The complaint also claims that Tournant, Taylor, and Bond-Nelson made numerous unsuccessful attempts to hide their wrongdoing from the SEC, including giving false testimony and holding meetings on abandoned construction sites to talk about moving their assets abroad.

Reviews About Alliance Health Insurance


According to alliance insurance health, their approach to investing is supported by solid data, a wealth of knowledge, and a culture of risk management that leads to real decisions that satisfy their clients’ investment goals. 

They think that their pursuit of consistent and superior investment returns is motivated by their in-depth knowledge of regional markets and global trends and their confident execution. However, in terms of performance, their funds haven’t only failed to offer competitive returns; in some cases, they’ve offered returns that are among the lowest in their class.

Is Alliance Health Insurance Still Operating

As a result of the guilty plea, AHI US will stop operating as a provider of fund services and will be automatically and immediately barred from providing advisory services to the US-registered investment funds for the following ten years. 

The SEC will permit a modest transition period solely to transition these services to another investment adviser to prevent disruptions to these funds and for the safety of the fund investors. The transition period will be ten weeks and four months for the US mutual funds that AHI US sub-advises and the US closed-end funds that AHI US advises. Our website’s algorithm has recognized a large number of blacklisted businesses as entities that con victims out of money, personal data, and other important things. 

The claimers are available to assist you in getting your money back if organizations like the Alliance cheat you. The Claimers is a group of knowledgeable investigators, cybercrime analyzers, and field researchers who have teamed up with a number of other organizations to make sure that nobody loses their hard-earned money. 

Company Operating

This project was started five years ago after its founder, Mr. Koven, came dangerously close to being duped by a payment scam. He came close to losing $27,000. But thanks to the right knowledge, contacts, and insights, he was able to get the money back that had been taken. 

He still holds the opinion that if he had been aware of payment frauds prior to them occurring to him, he could have set up his systems to make sure that nothing similar occurred. The simple desire to defend against scam attempts served as the company’s inspiration. Do not be afraid to contact the Claimers if you are conned by healthy alliance health insurance.

Key Takeaways! 

Scams of all kinds, including online dating fraud, forex, fraudulent investment practices, and much more, have increased significantly in today’s society. 

To guarantee that you are making the best decisions, it is important to acquire accurate and pertinent knowledge regarding scams, and companies like industrial alliance health insurance. While it is undoubtedly difficult to recover money from fraud, it is not impossible. Several groups and organizations can cooperate with you to get your money back. 

These recovery firms have a reputation for recovering at least 80% of the money, if not more. Check out the Claimers database on funds recovery businesses to learn more.

The Claimers can help you take care of any problem that you might have encountered.



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