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American Express Scams: Protect Yourself from Being A Scam Victim

Recent reports have surfaced in which numerous American Express card holders are stating that they have been victims of various sorts of scams. So what exactly is an American Express scam? It is when American Express card holders wind up losing their money or having to pay vast amounts in credit card bills for purchases they didn’t even make.

It would seem from the enormous number of American Express customers who were the targets of the most recent phishing attack that individuals never learn from the mistakes of others.

The prevention of phishing attacks that are specifically targeted is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Because of this, it is essential that we do consistent checks on the senders’ addresses, despite the fact that they may seem to be valid.
In this article we will explore the various types of American Express scams, how to recognize them, and much more.

American Express

In 2021, we witnessed a 50% year-over-year increase in crypto-related scams to over 500,000. And looking ahead we anticipate a more than 75% increase in 2021!

If you are someone who’s interested in Cryptocurrency, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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Types of Attacks to Look Out For if You Use American Express Banking Services


Phishing Attacks Scammers

A phishing scam happens when someone with fraudulent intentions uses a website or email to try to obtain confidential information about you. Given these details, they would be able to enter your account and make transactions behind your back without you being aware of it.

Be wary of the following for they may be scams:

  • Emails that direct you to a website that appears to be that of a reputable organization and require you to click on a link to continue.
  • Warning notices that your account will be locked or closed unless you take action, either because your bill is past due or because you have not paid it.
  • Unanticipated messages branded with company heads that, upon closer examination, include typos and spelling errors.
  • URLs of websites that do not include “HTTPS://” or a sign of a locked door next to it.



This is related to a call or phone related scam. A common example of vishing is when a con artist makes an attempt to steal your personal information by calling you on the phone.

Be wary of the following scam attacks:

  • You suddenly get a call from your banking institution, which was completely unexpected. Put the phone down immediately and dial the number printed on the reverse of your card if you have any doubts.
  • Those who call and ask to verify account information, a PIN, a verification code, or a card security code should be told not to provide this information. You will never receive a phone call from American Express inquiring about your personal information.
  • Urgent phone calls informing you that your account has been canceled or suspended.

If you’ve been a victim of banking scam you can Contact us for Support!



Smishing occurs when a con artist sends you a text message in an attempt to gain personal information from you.

Be wary of the following text related scam attacks:

  • A message sent to your phone with the instruction to click on the link. If you click on the link, con artists will have the opportunity to install malware on the device you are using.
  • 3Messages that appear to be about your purchases but which you have not made.
  • Messages containing news pertaining to the account, such as the provision of gift cards.


Scammers can create complex scams that can trap even the most cautious of people. But it’s not too late because we can help you track the damage done by scammers. We can help you get your money back!

How to Recognize and Avoid AMEX Phishing Scams?

Scammers will contact you via email or text message in an attempt to get you to hand up sensitive personal and financial information. 

However, there are several other methods that you may safeguard yourself. If they are able to obtain such information, they will be able to access your email, bank account, and possibly other accounts as well. Another possibility is that they will sell your personal information to other con artists.

Scammers do thousands of attempts similar to this one every single day, and a significant number of them are successful. Phishers frequently update their methods in order to stay current with the most recent events or developments, however the following are some of the most prevalent methods employed in phishing emails or text messages:

  • Install antivirus and anti-malware software on your computer to protect it. You should configure the software to do automatic updates so that it can address any newly discovered vulnerabilities and protect your American Express banking details.
  • To ensure the safety of your mobile device, configure it to automatically download and install software updates. These improvements might provide you with significant protection against key security threats as many AMEX users do add their banking details to their AMEX mobile app.
  • If you want to keep your AMEX accounts secure, you should utilize multi-factor authentication. Certain accounts provide an extra layer of safety by necessitating the use of two or more different login credentials. This kind of authentication is known as multi-factor authentication.

Key Takeaways!

If you get a text message or an email requesting you to open an attachment or click on a link, you should ask yourself one simple question,
Do I recognize the person who reached out to me, and do I have a working relationship with the company?

If you answered “No,” there is a possibility that this is an AMEX scam. If the question is answered with a “Yes,” you should get in contact with the company by dialing a number or visiting a website that you know for a fact are authentic rather than utilizing the information that was supplied in the email.

If you have become a recent target of an American Express scam, worry not because we are here to help. Reach out to the Claimers and we will help you report your case to trusted asset recovery firms.

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do you need help?

A lot of those who contact us have questions and concerns about their personal and business data being compromised. We aim to arm you with the legal and technical know-how in the fight against scams. Also, we will be able to refer you to top scam recovery agencies.

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