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ALERT | Areatrading Review: Is it Legit or a Scam

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What Is Areatrading About

Areatrading is a global brokerage firm that claims to welcome customers from all around the world. Areatrading more closely resembles a cryptocurrency exchange than anything else. 

Areatrading homepage

It gives off the same energy and image as crypto service providers, but with the little but important distinction that they are legitimate whereas this one is hiding something unsavory. However, because of the size of Areatrading, the said secret is hidden rather deeply.

We initially had no idea where to begin because of the vast array of words, subpages, advertising claims, and promises. The web trader was also unimpressive because we have seen other unregulated brokers using identical ones. However, they received a EUR/USD spread of 0 pips, which is impractical without a commission of some kind.

But since no commission is mentioned anywhere, we must go on instinct and assume that the broker has altered the cost of the trade to benefit themselves. A spread of 0 pip is profitable for the user while being disadvantageous for the broker.

What Is Areatrading Offering Its Clients?

Areatrading service

Areatrading presents itself as a company that changes lives. The project’s creators encourage traders to enhance their trading activities with the assistance of a team of professionals, the competence of financial advisors, cutting-edge technologies, and unmatched trading conditions.

The company provides top-notch trading opportunities that enable new traders to close deals profitably and consistently. The benefits of working with Areatrading include:

  • Both amateur and professional traders can use these unique trading accounts.
  • Customer information assistance is available around-the-clock, and highly skilled staff will always provide thorough responses to consumers’ inquiries.
  • a variety of resources are available.
  • efficient trading is ensured by automated trading.
  • the existence of an affiliate program.
  • protection from threats and hackers.


Scammers can create complex scams that can trap even the most cautious of people. But it’s not too late because we can help you track the damage done by scammers. We can help you get your money back!

This list might go on forever and still have no purpose. Since Areatrading does not offer a reliable and competent service. The sentences above are all meaningless.

Is Areatrading Legit Or A Scam?

AreaTrading is a scam investment firm. There is no regulation, and no owner information is available. The broker blatantly disregards regulatory requirements by offering bonuses.

Is Area Trading Licensed?

Areatrading FCA


Areatrading has no licenses whatsoever. The organization makes no claims to be either, and as a result, it leaves out one of the most crucial characteristics you should look for in a broker before working with them. The Forex market can be risky, and working with unauthorized brokers, in particular, has special dangers!

AreaTrading has never acknowledged a firm owner or the regulating law. An email address and a UK phone number for support are provided. To determine whether the broker is regulated, we searched the FCA and numerous other Tier1 registrations.

Regulated businesses have no trouble including the license number, along with the owner and other pertinent information, on the homepage of the website. Without any data, a broker like AreaTrading usually indicates that the company is operating illegally offshore or as an Eastern European boiler room.

The Russian Central Bank finally banned AreaTrading after it had been reported multiple times. This regulatory organization alerted people to a scam by adding two AreaTrading domains to its list of fake websites.

Areatrading Opinions On Review Sites, Social Media Platforms, And More

Areatrading details

Reviews of AreaTrading are generally favorable. But you’ll see a downward trend. It’s not unusual for scammers to start by writing their reviews. As time passes, actual consumers begin to post, and the reality is revealed. That is exactly what occurred with AreaTrading.

Here is an illustration of the most recent reviews on Trustpilot:

“They are real scammers. Don’t give them your money, because they will never give it back”

“They are scammers. I’ve asked for a refund, but nobody has responded. They realized I was no longer providing them with money, so they stopped answering their phones. I’ve emailed their customer service team and asked for a refund, but no one has responded. Bunch of scammers”

The website fails to mention the address and fails to identify the company’s owners. The website has no social media presence, and the majority of broker reviews suspect it of being a scam.

If you were scammed by an offshore broker, then contact TheClaimers to get your money back. We can help you because we are partnered with the best asset recovery firms in the industry.

Comparing Areatrading To Other Well Established Companies

Company Building

One other offshore broker that is hardly worth your time or money is Areatrading. Since the company lacks any kind of license, it can use the standard devious Bonus policy to prevent you from receiving your gains. 

This indicates that investing with Areatrading is worthless, but even if you choose to continue doing so, Areatrading is not a competitive Forex broker, so you would be wasting your time and money. This is because it has access to a poor trading environment and a weak trading platform.

However, Binance provides more than 65 tradable coins for customers in the United States. As a result, cryptocurrency investors and traders have numerous options. If you reside outside of the US, your options are considerably greater.

Trades can keep more of their profits thanks to the platform’s low costs. A few of the trading options offered by Binance include spot trading, margin trading, and peer-to-peer trading.

Limit orders, market orders, stop-limit orders, stop market orders, trailing stop orders, post-only orders, and orders in which one cancels the other are only a few of the available numerous order types.

How To Get Your Money Back If Areatrading Scammed You

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The first thing you must do is submit a chargeback request. That applies if you invested using a credit or debit card. The 540-day chargeback term for MasterCard and VISA gives customers more than ample time to try and get their money back.

The greatest suggestion we can provide you is to set up a reimbursement strategy with the bank leading the transactions because wire transfer deposits are more difficult to obtain. The majority of banks have plans in place when these conditions are met.

Additionally, it’s important to modify your bank account username and password if you were scammed via a wire transfer. Unfortunately, all cryptocurrency deposits are permanently destroyed.

Since these transactions cannot be tracked, whether you receive your money back or not rests entirely on the scammers once they have reached their target. Last but not the least, I recommend that you get in touch with us.

TheClaimers team is readily available for you to help you through your asset recovery process. We have a list of authentic asset recovery agents to which we can refer you!

TheClaimers partners with the most trustworthy & capable scam recovery organizations.

Once you consult with us, we will be able to assist you solve your problem and refer you to the top asset recovery companies that will get your money back!



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