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There are a remarkable number of results when you search for forex broker scams on the internet. Even if the forex market is gradually getting more regulated, there are still many dishonest brokers operating in the industry. 

It’s critical to recognize trustworthy and viable brokers when searching to trade forex and to stay away from the latter, which Atlantic Trade Pro has proved not to be!

We must go through a number of processes before depositing a sizable quantity of capital with a broker in order to separate the strong brokers from the weak and the reputable brokers from those with shady practices. 

Trading Process

Trading is challenging enough on its own, but when a broker uses strategies that are detrimental to the trader, it may not be easy to turn a profit. Forex traders need to learn to distinguish fact from fiction while looking into potential forex brokers. 

For instance, we can assume that all traders lose money and never turn a profit when confronted with a plethora of forum postings, articles, and negative remarks about a broker. The traders who lose money then publish content online that attributes their own unsuccessful trading tactics to the broker (or some other external factor). 

When a broker makes claims like, “As soon as I placed the trade, the direction of the market turned,” “The broker stopped hunting my positions,” or “I always experienced slippage on my orders, and never in my favor,” traders frequently allege that the broker was trying to make them lose money purposefully. Traders often have these kinds of situations, and it’s quite conceivable that the broker is not to blame.

To learn more about how to protect yourself from Atlantic Trade Pro scam, contact us now!

Atlantic Trade Pro Company overview

The 2015-founded Atlantic Trading London Limited has offices in London, Sydney, and Chicago. 

They are a proprietary market maker trading firm that specializes in trading euro interest rate products to supply fixed-income option liquidity to some of the biggest exchanges in the world. European fixed income traders work for Atlantic, where they mainly trade futures and options for the Euro Bund/Bobl/Schatz, Short Sterling, and Euribor 3M. 

Company Overview Meeting

Their team of quantitative strategic traders uses cutting-edge visual tools, in-depth, rigorous trading analysis, and market knowledge to take advantage of trading opportunities. They are committed to offering dependable liquidity in all market conditions through knowledge gained through experience and advancements in technology. 

They think that maintaining our industry leadership and long-term performance depends critically on our ability to adjust to new trading techniques. At the heart of Atlantic is the flexibility to grow as an individual while working with a team of ambitious, innovative individuals who are driven to succeed both for themselves and others around them. 

A financial company based in Cyprus called Atlantic Securities uses the conventional financial brokerage paradigm to provide both offline and online trading choices. Traditional financial brokerages operate under the dealing desk protocol, which links traders and their orders to the market by means of specialized account managers and dealing desk specialists. 

Investors can employ professional local dealers or an online trading terminal to make investments in the 90 distinct financial markets spread across 21 countries, thanks to Atlantic Securities’ remarkable collection of both online and offline dealing desks. Through specialized clearing houses, Atlantic Securities provides a variety of exchange-listed products, including equities, indices, forex, commodities, options, futures, and bonds. 

Middle man with the Investor

This means that Atlantic Securities serves as a middleman for all orders that are transmitted directly to the market or liquidity providers, ensuring that traders can have adequate market access and very transparent pricing for unparalleled trading in the international financial markets. 

Online retail FX traders may view Atlantic Securities as being a little different from the contemporary Forex brokerage services that they have grown accustomed to receiving from the market. 

As a result, they provide Forex trading as an option within their standard brokerage model, which does differ in some minor ways. Through this unique and comprehensive Atlantic Securities broker review, we will give you all the essential information about the broker.

Cash Flipping is One of The Many Techniques Through Which They Scam People – Atlantic Trade Pro

If anything appears too tempting, it generally is a false alarm, which is the basic rule of thumb when it comes to Cash App frauds. 

Social Media Fraud

One well-known social media fraud, for instance, demands that you transfer their money via Cash App initially in exchange for an increase or “flip” of your money. They promise that if you pay them $10 to $1,000, they will send you back twice or triple the amount. Another typical Cash App scam asks you to send a set quantity of money in exchange for a greater rate from other circle participants. 

These frauds, often known as money circles, cash wheels, or pyramid schemes, are created so that you never get your money back. Your first line of defense against falling victim to one of these scams is to refrain from sending money to strangers. 

Furthermore, unlike payments made with a conventional credit or debit card, transfers made using Cash App are not protected in the event of fraud or theft. Once the money is transmitted, it is practically hard to get it back because the Cash App handles money like cash. It is important for you to become familiarized with these common Cash App scams before they manage to take your money.

Advance Fee Schemes in Atlantic Trade Pro

An advance-fee scam involves convincing the victim to pay money upfront in exchange for a promise of receiving much more in return, which is exactly what Atlantic Trade Pro was doing.

In the case of Atlantic Trade Pro, the problem is that when the victim sends the fraudster money, they never contact them again. Investors who have already lost funds in a risky trade are frequently the target of scammers. 

Investor Advance Fee Scheme

The investor will be contacted with an offer to aid in recouping losses. They might promise to acquire the investment from the investor or exchange it for a better one, but only after the investor pays a “refundable” charge, deposit, or taxes. The investor will lose any additional funds they submit.

Atlantic Trade Pro Has Also Been Associated with Boiler Room Scams 

Investment fraud is frequently carried out by a group of individuals who set up a temporary office, or “boiler room,” to conduct business. 

Atlantic Trade Pro has been known to direct you to the business’s website, which has a very professional appearance, to persuade you that they are a real company. To give the business a credible appearance, they might also set up a toll-free number and a decent address. 

The business, however, does not exist. The workplace is merely a post office box or temporary office, and the entire website is a scam. When you finally discover you’ve lost your money, the con artist will have already left town and started a new scheme.

Four signs of a scam:

  • High returns and low risk.
  • Hot tip or insider information.
  • Pressure to buy now.
  • Seller not registered to sell investments.

Do you suspect that someone had scammed you?

If you have any suspicion of a scam or phishing attack, then you can rely on TheClaimers to help you with protection, mitigation, and fund recovery. You will feel safe knowing that experts with years of experience will be guiding you!

How Much Has Atlantic Trade Pro Scammed From People & The Amount of People They Have Scammed 

Atlantic Pro

Did you know that over 50% of people worldwide have fallen victim to a scam at some point in their lives? What to do to ensure that the rate of scams declines over time, given that these figures are incredibly high and are rising quickly? 

By remaining informed, one can better predict whether a scam will take place or whether dealing with a particular third party is safe the more they are aware of a particular scam or fraudulent conduct. Additionally, since information is power, unwitting victims can fight back if the scam has already happened. 

According to published sources, Atlantic Trade Pro has defrauded millions of individuals. Atlantic Trade Pro has defrauded at least $500,000 after each customer made a deposit of $500 or more. It should be emphasized that individuals who sought the advice of a business called the claimers were successful in getting their money back from the scammer.

What People Have to Say about Atlantic Trade Pro

I spoke to a representative of this company Atlantic Trade Pro and was told I would be able to invest with NO issues and that my funds would be available for withdrawal in a few hours. I invested $1000 via Cash App. When I tried to take out my funds, I was told that I needed to pay the company $2500 in order to get my initial investment back.

Yes, it started out with a set payment of $500. Then it turned into $1000.00. So, I texted and said I wouldn’t be able to afford it and how to get a refund. So, I waited, and got no response.

Investing in Atlantic Trade Pro

I had invested 500 with Clara Stuckey, and then she requested another 2000, which I deposited; after that, I got blocked and ignored, and this happened today. I want my investment back; she said she would give it to me with no problem; now I’m blocked. I just want my money back 2500. 

Is Atlantic Trade Pro Still Operating? 

According to the website for Cash App, if you believe you are a victim of a scam, you should report the occurrence to Cash Support right away and stop communicating with the con artist. 

If you experienced financial loss, Velasquez advises notifying the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). It would be better if you also took precautions to secure your other accounts, including selecting a special phrase with 12 characters or more, using a separate password for every account, and storing all of your passwords on a password manager. You should also update the password for your Cash App account. 

Purchase one of the most secure phones available to avoid future security issues. One important action you must do is to speak with The Claimers, a fund recovery business. The Claimers is here to assist you in the process of exposing yourself to all available information on any and all market frauds, and that assistance is provided FREE of charge. 

They provide an interactive and interesting database with case studies, blogs, articles, research papers, and other materials that educate readers about market scams, how to avoid them, and which businesses are the safest to work with. Always choose safety above regret by staying educated.

Key Takeaways! 

Beginner traders might not want to use Atlantic Trade Pro because only experienced traders and huge fund managers are capable of navigating the intricate world of the international financial markets. 

On the other hand, CySEC regulation might offer crucial stability for trading, but investors should make use of other available possibilities. The simplest approach to prevent having your bank account or other personal information hacked is to be diligent about checking who has access to it. Even though the potential scams covered in this essay include banking, they represent a minor portion of the larger problem of identity theft. 

Your bank accounts are the means through which you access and engage with so many aspects of your financial life, scammers are prepared to take advantage of any gaps related to your banking. 

You have additional protection in the event that something goes wrong or you are a victim of fraud when dealing with financial institutions that have been authorized or registered by us. Look them up on the Financial Services Register to confirm if they are permitted or registered. It includes information on companies and people who are or have been subject to our regulation. 

If you work with a licensed or registered company, your eligibility for the Financial Ombudsman Service and FSCS protection will depend on the sum of money you invest, the services the company offers, and the licenses it holds. The authorized or registered company should be able to help you if you have any issues concerning protection.

Lastly, keep in mind that it is never too late to file a report. Scams are commonplace online, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid or recover from them—research where to get help and how to protect yourself from scams. Visit Claimers a reputable recovery website and inform your loved ones to keep them safe!



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