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ALERT | Review: Is it Legit or a Scam

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Item Description Website Information
First Floor, First St. Vincent Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES
+12262980411 (US) +442037638446 (UK) +34960408293 (Spain) +48222954682 (Poland
[email protected] (invalid - can’t receive email messages)
United States
CloudFlare Inc

What Is About?

As we have stated several times in the past, a broker who allows users such simple access is anxious for deposits and hence opens its doors to everyone who passes by.

It’s one of the earliest scam techniques in existence.

We were given access to a user area that looked like it belonged to a fraudster after a brief registration, but that was to be expected. Actually, nowhere is a surprise.

Even the web trader didn’t impress. The following assets are available for trading, although we do not advise doing so. These included commodities, indexes, equities, foreign currency pairings, and digital currency assets.

What Is Offering To The Clients?

Bbanc provides its clients with safe and secure funding, client-focused support, and best-order execution.

BBanc Offer

Is Legit Or a Scam?

Bbanc is a scam brokerage. Although there is no financial regulation for the organization, its staff claim to clients that it is an FCA-regulated firm. Additionally, even though the broker is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, T&C state that Estonian law should regulate its activities.

Is Licensed?

Licensing plays a huge role in making people trust a firm. This section will make your mind clear about and will tell you if Can be trusted. 

No, as The Financial Conduct Authority has placed the company on its warning list of unlicensed businesses in the UK. ‘This firm is not authorized by us and is targeting people in the UK,’ the FCA declares firmly.

FCA Source

We learn about a somewhat confusing situation. The broker claims that although it is permitted by the Island of Moheli, it is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Mwali International Services Authority, which oversees Moheli, does produce results for the licensing number. However, the site’s license number is owned by a wholly irrelevant and unrelated company. Therefore, Bbanc has stolen regulatory information from another company.

If Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ lifeline is regulated there, it doesn’t matter. The nation of the islands lacks an FX watchdog, therefore a broker is still not authorized there even if locally established.

Four contact phone lines in Poland, Canada, Spain, and the UK serve as a last line of defense and are completely unrelated to one another. These could be interpreted by some as evidence that the broker is present in each of the four jurisdictions, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! This fake contact information has been provided by the broker to mislead. This is due to Bbanc’s lack of regulation and risk to all users.

Based on the history we believe that has been operating for years and the contact numbers it has leads to Poland, the US, Spain, and the UK which means that its scope of operation is wide. We advise caution when dealing with this website because even though it’s an established site it doesn’t have much government backing to offer financial services in mentioned countries. Opinions On Review Sites, Social Media, And Contact Information

Bbanc has a presence on both YouTube and Facebook, although its Facebook account is not verified and does not appear to be optimized.

Additionally, the Facebook account appears to be written in a different language.

The Financial Conduct Authority has placed on its blacklist because it is based offshore and operates independently from the UK government; it does not have a location in the UK. There is no indication of the individuals who are responsible for the website. It is potentially harmful to transparency, particularly considering that the website provides financial services. Furthermore, their governing body’s website is a potentially dangerous link.


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. We can help you with your legal and technical concerns. We can help you get your money back.

Comparing To Well-Established Companies

BBanc does indeed use MetaTrader5, but it is not their own. Web Trader and MT5 for desktop are both products of Stockton Ltd. 

We have looked for this company and any connection to BBanc, but no luck. So, it’s complicated and dangerous to expose your money to a third-party platform.

You may find download links for the remote desktop programs. AnyDesk and TeamViewer are right next to the MT5 URLs. Account managers can use these to administer your desktop or mobile device, gain access to your online banking, and manage all of your funds.

However, for consumers in the United States, Binance offers more than 65 tradable coins. As a result, cryptocurrency traders and investors have a wide range of choices. Due to the platform’s low fees, trades can keep a larger portion of their profits. Spot trading, margin trading, and peer-to-peer trading are a few of the trading alternatives provided by Binance

How To Get Your Money Back If You Were Scammed By

giving money

We hope this review helped you in deciding whether you want to work with this dealer or not. 

Do not be concerned if you suffered a financial loss on Even the most cautious investors occasionally make mistakes; utilize these opportunities to advance. Call the police, your local government, and other organizations that deal with scams and crime prevention first. Deactivate your cards and let your bank know what happened so they can assist you in limiting financial loss.

If you deposit cryptocurrency, there isn’t much you can do; but, if you use credit or debit cards, you can make a chargeback. The good news is that assistance is available.

The Claimers is available around-the-clock and has assisted clients in connecting with businesses that have assisted helpless investors in recovering thousands of dollars. Share your experience with others to warn them about the scam and to help others.



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