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Browser Crypto Wallets Can Be Hacked - The Rise of Web-Based Cryptojacking

When someone steals the processing power of another party to mine bitcoin, this is known as cryptojacking. Hackers can mine bitcoin without having to pay for power, hardware, or other mining resources by using a technique known as Cryptojacking, sometimes known as malicious crypto mining.

Crypto Jacking

Cryptojacking primarily includes two types. One works by infecting the web browser, while the other relies on host-based techniques. When users access the webpage holding the material, their web browser automatically launches crypto mining software. This is how the browser-based procedure operates

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Background & Preliminaries

As technology advanced, things that appeared to be impossible a few years ago are now a reality. Nowadays, purchasing meals, services, and much more online is possible and paying for it without leaving your house.  The use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is growing together with the use of wireless payments like Google or Apple pay (which still call for the assignment of a banking account or card, i.e., actual money). 

The fundamental advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they use peer-to-peer blockchain technology instead of banks to verify transactions when money is sent from one person to another. The term “crypto” itself refers to the use of encryption to safeguard transactional data and establish the legitimacy of a transaction. 

Because there is no central location for keeping the data and because the data is encrypted, it is thought to be difficult to attack. Unfortunately, despite the fact that your money is housed in digital wallets, which are far easier to hack than blockchain technology, bitcoin is not totally secure.

Crypto Jacking

According to a recent study, several well-known browser crypto wallets are vulnerable to hacking in specific circumstances. In numerous cases, crypto wallets like Brave, MetaMask, and Phantom can be penetrated under specific computer circumstances, according to blockchain security firm Holborn. This presents another challenge for traders who are still recovering from recent high-profile decentralized finance (DeFi) hacks. 

The conditions can reveal a user’s secret recovery phrase, which can then be used to change their private key. A secret recovery phrase is a set of randomly generated words that grants access to a user’s web-based crypto wallet. Browser crypto wallets are used to hold digital assets worth billions of dollars. The vulnerability remained concealed until the security problems were fixed after contacting the impacted wallet providers. These vulnerable cryptocurrency web-based wallets, like Metamask, are self-custody browser crypto wallets, which means users alone are in charge of protecting their private keys.

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How & Why Does Web-Based Cryptojacking Happen?

Crypto Jacking

For retail investors, the cryptocurrency market has created a number of cutting-edge investing opportunities. Hacks of cryptocurrency wallets are one of them. Let’s analyze how hackers get into your web-based wallet. You can find a list of their tactics below.


Phishing attacks are a frequent way for hackers to steal information. Attackers use cloned websites that resemble genuine cryptocurrency exchanges to trick their targets., as opposed to, as an example.

Compromising SMS Verification

SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of today’s most widely utilized verification methods. The major objective is to intercept these SMS verification messages since mobile devices are frequently used to enable 2FA. Different techniques, like wiretapping, SIM card cloning, or voice phishing, might be used to steal them to authenticate fraudulent transactions or “recover” access to the cryptocurrency wallet.


When it comes to crypto attacks, malware infections are still one of the most common hacker techniques. Some of the viruses have code that allows them to recognize copied bitcoin addresses and exchange them for hacker wallet ones. Successful transactions typically result in cryptocurrency being transmitted to unauthorized addresses under the control of hackers.

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Keys to Stay Protected

The potential to fast multiply your investments is one reason why interest in cryptocurrencies is continually growing. It’s important to be informed of the risks associated with the chance to make quick money. Below, you’ll find ways to do this.

Using a Non-Custodial Wallet

You have total control over your private keys while using a non-custodial wallet, which in turn allows you to manage your cryptocurrencies and provide ownership proof for any funds. It’s crucial to have a strong backup plan as well. Some people just jot down their keys on a paper, but using a hardware wallet is the best choice. They only need a pin to access the private keys and offer an additional level of protection against malware, phishing websites, and cyber-attacks.

Using App-Based Two-Factor Authentication

It is preferable to use app-based two-factor authentication in addition to SMS verification to secure your account if you store your cryptocurrency on a regulated exchange. YubiKey is an another option. When plugged into a computer, the Yubico-created USB hardware authentication device uses a cryptographically encoded key to verify synced internet accounts.

Use Ad Blockers

Installing an ad blocker can be a good way to block cryptojacking scripts since they are frequently distributed through web advertisements. Malicious cryptojacking code can be identified and blocked using an ad blocker like Ad Blocker Plus.

Avoid Reusing Email & Crypto Account Passwords

Crypto Jacking

The likelihood that hackers may use the same passwords to access connected accounts rises when users reuse passwords across other sites. Creating difficult-to-remember, one-of-a-kind passwords and keeping them encrypted in a password manager service are two of the greatest strategies to break this habit.

Key Takeaways!

According to Steven Walbroehl, Halborn’s chief security officer and co-founder, “exchanges like Coinbase or Binance often keep custody of such keys on behalf of their users.” 

MetaMask urges users of extensions older than 10.11.3 to upgrade them and “take the time to activate complete disc encryption on PCs.” Phantom, on the other hand, suggested in a blog post that users should diversify their wallets to reduce risk and use hardware wallets to hold significant quantities of assets and currencies in order to safeguard themselves on Web3.

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