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ALERT | Review: Is it Legit or a Scam

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Click Money System
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What Is About?

The Click Money Technique is a brand-new system that claims to provide you a means to make tons of easy money through internet trading completely on autopilot. 

Click Money System Homepage

Julia & Harold, two London-based trading professionals, are credited with creating the system. It is implied by the name that all you have to do to start making money is sign up. But is it really true? Is a Scam that will just cause you to lose your own hard-earned money?

You’ll be happy that you read our Review first before signing up since, as you’ll quickly discover, the entire system does not function as it is supposed to.

This Review would clearly answer all these questions:

  • Is Legit?  
  • Is a Scam? 
  • Can be trusted?

What Are They Offering their Clients

Click Money System offers

According to the Click Money system, it is possible to make good money online through automatic trading. According to the so-called founders Julia & Harold, all you have to do is “click,” and their system will start earning money for you. Great, isn’t it? 

Particularly given that they assert that their technique will actually start paying you more than $1,000 per day, especially given that they further assert that their system is completely free.

They inform you that all you have to do to access it is open an account with the broker they suggest and make a little deposit.So the idea is that you can simply sign up, deposit some money with their “recommended” broker, and then activate the system for it to start giving you an automated income on its own, as Julia & Harold claim.

They say that with only a “click” you’ll start earning a tonne of cash every single day, as illustrated in the screenshot below taken from their website: from there, you’re then led to believe that you won’t need to do anything additional other than occasionally make if the system is still active.

But nothing could be further from the truth than that. In truth, the entire scheme is really a ruse to get you to make a deposit with an unlicensed binary options broker with which the REAL minds behind the are associated.

Is Legit Or A Scam?

We only suggest authorized brokers because doing business with unregistered offshore brokers is highly risky. 

In this instance, we can confidently assert that is a fraud intended to defraud you of your money as it is both unregulated and blacklisted.


If you have suspicions of a scam or phishing attack, you can rely on experts to help you with protection, mitigation, and fund recovery. You will feel safe knowing that experts with years of experience will be guiding you!


Is Licensed? is not regulated or licensed in any way. We think that this business is providing unlicensed financial services or goods in the UK.


Because the UK government is not legally required to provide financial help when dealing with an unregistered offshore broker, customers who choose to invest their money with this site should exercise caution.

We discovered that has webpages that are similar which raises the question; can be trusted? 

Further research revealed that the websites’ structures an offers are identical, and there is no evidence of a relationship between them. We believe this may be a network of unlicensed offshore brokers, or the websites may be a part of a fraud network.

Duplicate or Similar Sites Detected

We found that has similar websites. Upon further investigation we found that their structure and offers are similar and we didn’t find any mention of affiliation between the websites.

We suspect that this might be a network of unauthorized offshore brokers or the sites could be involved in a scam network.

List of Similar Sites:

Click Money System Age

Trading Conditions and Withdrawal Policies

The company made sure to omit any payment details as a final blow as there are no depositing methods, no minimum deposit requirements, no withdrawal fees, nothing! Given the popularity of Bitcoin, we may assume that the wallet being used for payments is most likely a BTC wallet. If this is the case, the risk is significantly higher than we initially thought. 

With unregistered brokers, all cryptocurrency investments are untraceable, and once placed, the user immediately forfeits all funds. No matter how much unlicensed brokers speak about profit, we never trust that they permit withdrawals.

As a final insult, the company made sure to exclude any payment information. Nothing exists, including deposit methods, minimum deposit amounts, or withdrawal costs.

Because Bitcoin is being discussed so frequently, we can assume that a BTC wallet is being used as a payment wallet. If this is the case, it would imply that the risk is significantly higher than we originally thought. All cryptocurrency investments made through unregulated brokers are untraceable, and once deposited, the user immediately forfeits all funds.

Regardless of how much they talk about profit, we never trust that unlicensed brokers permit withdrawals. Don’t invest in Click Money System under any circumstances. Even if a complete broker is present. Opinions On Review Sites, Social Media, And Contact Information

Online Scam

There is no phone number for the business, no social media presence, and no information about who created the website is provided. This simply raises doubts about’s reliability. If a company that provides financial services lists its CEO or stockholders, it demonstrates transparency well. It adds to the authenticity of the website. Unfortunately, a lot of important information is being withheld by

This is what one of their clients had to say about them:

“I’m dissatisfied. I fell for the easy money when I saw their adverts on Instagram. And I believed that there would be no opportunity at all for me to recover my investment. But only one business figured out how to fix my issue, and we are now moving toward getting my money back.

They stole my money from scammers, thank you. Avoid falling for con artists. They’ll restore order to your finances” – Sarah.

Comparing To Well Established Companies

Forex Scam Companies

Comparing respectable websites like to, unquestionably offers more secure investment, better offers, better teaching for beginners on cryptocurrency, and an already established community.

You may anticipate finding clear and comprehensive information about the business that owns and operates the broker, its headquarters, and the regulatory frameworks to which it is subject when you visit a genuine broker’s website. A comprehensive set of legal documents must also be provided by licensed financial service providers.

The website doesn’t have any of these. Nobody we are interacting with or the details of the contract are known to us. Under these circumstances, it would be a grave error to risk our money.

How To Get Your Money Back If You Were Scammed By

Services OFfered

If you think you may have been a victim of this company, be sure to notify the relevant authorities right away. 

If you ever feel duped, the first thing you should do is break off communication with the brokers. Leave out any personal information about them that can make them vulnerable to fraud from other sources.

Following are a few actions you can take to recover money from a con artist with the help of The Claimers. Call the police, alert the authorities, then get in touch with your neighborhood regulators and other law enforcement organizations that deal with fraud and crime.

If you believe you may have downloaded potentially harmful software, change all of your passwords, get rid of it, and, if required, get in touch with your credit card company.

If you by chance get scammed, you need to report the incident and get in touch with a company like TheClaimers. We are going to help you get in touch with a reliable asset recovery agency and provide you with one on one consultation!

TheClaimers partners with the most trustworthy & capable scam recovery organizations.

Once you consult with us, we will be able to assist you solve your problem and refer you to the top asset recovery companies that will get your money back!



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