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Common Visa Card Scams That You Need to Know

Although Visa credit card scams can take many different forms, their primary purpose is typically to trick you into disclosing your personal information and Visa credit card information, or to convince you to pay the scammer money. 

Visa credit cards are widely acknowledged to be one of the safest payment methods available. Since your credit card isn’t directly linked to your bank account, you have the ability to dispute a charge if you don’t get the goods or service that was promised to you. In addition, there is a good chance that you will not be held liable for illegal transactions. Therefore, read on to find out all about Visa card scams, and how to avoid them.

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Study shows that nearly 40% of those who Report Fraud attacks are young adults between ages of 20-29 yrs old

If you want to keep yourself safe from falling victim to internet scams, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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Visa Gift Card Scam Case- All There is To Know

The purchase of gift cards is often popular over the holiday season; nevertheless, some consumers who have purchased Visa gift cards have reported encountering the holiday Grinch, in other words, scammers!

Renee Venezia, who lives in Irvine, California, shared her story about the theft of money from a Visa gift card she had. Venezia’s mother gave her a gift card for the amount of $500, which Venezia wanted to put aside for a trip that she was going to take in the near future.

She tried to give the gift card to the front desk agent of the hotel she was checking into, but the clerk refused to accept it. The gift card was brand new and had never been used. She was informed by the hotel that there was no balance on the card, which was $0.00.

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After getting in contact with the company, Venezia learned that the Visa Gift Card’s balance had been cleared off more than a year earlier, despite the fact that the record from InComm Financial Services indicates that the card was present during the transaction in question.

According to Venezia, who claimed that she had explained why it was impossible, the card had been in her hands ever since she received it and had not been removed out of its packaging. Venezia said that she had explained why it was impossible.

Venezia found out that con artists have been known to steal gift card serial numbers from the packaging of gift cards and then use those numbers to spend the money that was preloaded onto the gift cards. Despite the fact that InComm was quick to dismiss her concerns, Venezia discovered that con artists have been known to do this. If you have the gift card’s serial number, you may easily get the remaining gift card information even if the recipient is unaware of the gift card or does not use it.

Do you suspect that someone had scammed you?

If you have any suspicion of a scam or phishing attack, then you can rely on TheClaimers to help you with protection, mitigation, and fund recovery. You will feel safe knowing that experts with years of experience will be guiding you!

What To Do When You Receive A Fraudulent Visa Card Phone Call or Text

Scammers often use phishing, which may take the form of a phone call, an email, or a text message, to persuade their targets to divulge sensitive personal or financial information for a Visa card. The goal of many of these cons is to make the victim feel as if they need to act quickly.

For instance, a phishing email may alert you that one of your credit card services would be discontinued if you did not take fast action to update your payment information. However, the URL that is supplied for you to use so that you may take care of it in fact sends you to a bogus website that steals your personal information.

Alternatively, a con artist may call you in the aftermath of a large natural disaster while pretending to be a representative of a reputable organization in order to ask for a donation to help with relief efforts. It may be difficult to communicate your desire to help at the time when it is most needed. The scam artist has already obtained your Visa credit card information and is prepared to begin using it fraudulently before you even realize what has happened.

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However, if this does happen to you, do not worry because here’s what you can do! If you believe that you may have provided sensitive personal information or credit card account information by responding to a phishing email, text message, or phone call, you should immediately contact the number that is shown on the back of your credit card.

Additionally, submit [email protected] any questionable emails, messages, or phone calls that you receive. Visa works closely with a round-the-clock international service that reviews all incoming and outgoing communications. If the research of their team determines that the information you provided may be damaging, they will instruct a large network of Internet and mobile security partners to put a halt to these actions.

Moreover, you can even feel free to reach out to the Claimers team to investigate your case, and we will put you in touch with the best asset recovery specialists in town!

Spam Calls

Beware of Amazon Visa Scam As Well!

Scammers were taking advantage of the fact that a large number of individuals were counting on Amazon delivery due to the coronavirus epidemic. That’s when a new trick emerged that targets customers of Amazon causing many people to lose a significant amount of money.

In order to fool clients into supplying their credit card information, fraudsters impersonate Amazon in an attempt to trick shoppers. They have the option of asking you for the information once again and then providing you with a message in which they state that they need to cross-reference the information on your credit card. It’s possible that even phone calls will be used in the con. Con artists may also send you links to malicious websites through email. If you click on these links, your computer might get infected with malware, which would allow attackers to steal your personal information. Never respond to these messages in any way.

If you suspect that it is an Amazon company, please contact them as soon as possible.

Key Takeaways!

Even if a con artist hasn’t conned you, it’s a good idea to periodically check your credit reports for any strange behavior. Moreover, if you believe you are a victim of a Visa card scam, report it to your bank immediately and get in touch with an asset recovery firm to aid you in getting your stolen funds back. 

We understand how devastating it is to become a victim of a scam, so reach out to us to report the Visa card scam and we will help you get in touch with asset recovery specialists.

do you need help?

A lot of those who contact us have questions and concerns about their personal and business data being compromised. We aim to arm you with the legal and technical know-how in the fight against scams. Also, we will be able to refer you to top scam recovery agencies.

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