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Companyforyouthsome.Com Blacklisted For Conducting Online Scams!

Have you ever heard the expression “shopping hurts?” When it comes to online scams, this is true. Money doesn’t always buy happiness, and in certain situations, it can cost millions or billions of dollars. Scams on the internet are becoming more common, costing victims hundreds of thousands of dollars. The use of Internet services or software with Internet connectivity to deceive or exploit people is known as Internet fraud. Thanks to the internet’s growing power, digitization, and social media, it’s never been easier to find so many online scam victims at once.

Scammers impersonate real online sellers by creating a phony website or posting a bogus ad on a legitimate retailer’s website. While many online retailers are reputable, scammers might take advantage of the internet’s anonymity to defraud naive customers. Scammers utilize cutting-edge technology to create phony merchant websites that appear to be legitimate internet retailers. They may employ complex designs and layouts, maybe stolen trademarks, and even a domain name that sounds similar to that of a legitimate retailer. Many of these websites sell high-end things such as designer clothing, jewelry, and electronics at extremely low prices. Occasionally, you will receive the thing for which you paid. It’s more than probable that if you get anything, it’ll be a forgery of the thing you thought you bought. You may also receive nothing at all at times. The most telling sign that a retail website is a con is the payment method. Scammers will frequently ask you to pay with a money order, preloaded money card, or wire transfer, but it’s doubtful that you’ll see your money or receive your purchased item if you do so.

A contemporary variation of online shopping scams is the use of social media networks to set up fake online stores. Scammers set up shop for a short period, selling fake clothing and jewelry. After a specific number of sales have been made, the stores will close. Scammers utilize social media to promote their fake websites, so don’t trust a website just because it’s advertised or shared on social media. Look for reviews before purchasing to check whether it’s a phony trader or a social network online buying scam.

The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center received 351,936 reports of internet crimes in 2018, resulting in losses of more than $2.7 billion, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report. Everyone who uses any internet-connected device, according to a 2017 Federal Trade Commission study, has the potential to become a victim of an internet scam. Millennials, on the other hand, maybe more liable to lose money. Nearly 40% of all those who reported fraud are between the ages of 20 and 29, and nearly all of them said they had lost money. In contrast, 18% of respondents aged 70 and up claimed they had lost money as a result of fraud. People aged 80 and above, on the other hand, were more likely to lose money, with a median reported loss of $1,092 compared to $400 for those aged 20 up to 29. According to a study conducted by the Better Business Bureau, FINRA, and the Stanford Center for Longevity, approximately 53% of persons approached by scammers will engage, while the other 47% will get skeptical and dismiss the approach. They also revealed that by 2021, the global eCommerce market is estimated to reach $4.9 trillion, accounting for 17% of all consumer transactions worldwide. Furthermore, 82 percent of businesses were victims of payment fraud in 2018. On Black Friday, more than a quarter of shoppers are victims of online retail fraud; fake websites and eCommerce stores are a growing source of online shopping fraud. Think carefully if the pricing seems too good to be true, the site doesn’t appear to be professional, or you can’t locate any information about returns.

We don’t expect you or your loved ones to disconnect from the internet, but we do expect everyone to stay secure in this burgeoning e-commerce environment. So, learn about the most prevalent internet frauds and blacklisted companies so you can take preventative actions to avoid them. is one of the shadiest businesses on the internet. Are you curious as to why they were blacklisted and how much money they stole? It’s the subject of this article. Continue to read!

Coaching Scam

Study shows that nearly 40% of those who Report Fraud attacks are young adults between ages of 20-29 yrs old

Federal Trade Commission

If you want to keep yourself safe from falling victim to internet scams, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

Table of Contents

Overview Of Companyforyouthsome.Com

When a customer shops online, they want to know that they are purchasing from a trustworthy firm on a secure platform. is completely untrustworthy and has been blacklisted as a result of the non-delivery of goods to their customers. There is a long number of accusations alleging that they are con artists. Some common reasons include the fact that they never deliver money and steal your personal information, such as credit card passwords, which is something that many fraudsters do. In terms of the current scenario, the biggest scam of the decade,, has been shut down on the platform. It’s a good thing it did because the fraud would have had a major impact on the world of e-commerce!

Why Was It Blacklisted?

Scam Alert

According to consumer complaints, the main reason caused so much controversy was that they initially persuade customers to buy, but as soon as they did, difficulties began. Another reason you should avoid trading on this website is that there have been thousands of incidents of consumers losing money owing to the online company’s incorrect justifications.

The proprietor of the website used a service to conceal their identity. Perhaps that person managed to escape being spammed, making it difficult to determine who the true owner is. As a result, websites that conceal their identities raise suspicions and increase the risk of being blacklisted. Furthermore, the website received few visitors, which should not have been the case given that it is neither small nor niche. Furthermore, was hosted in a high-risk country. You’re probably wondering what countries are considered high-risk. These businesses, according to the International Banking Federation, have greater levels of fraud and corruption.


How Did It Steal From People, And How Much Did It Steal?

Scams on the internet are always changing and can take many different shapes. In the classical sense, the term refers to someone who defrauds or exploits victims, usually for financial benefit, using internet services or software. allegedly scammed consumers of millions of dollars each year, and they continued to plague the Internet through numerous tactics, according to customers.

What Do People Have To Say About This Company?

Many customers consider to be one of the most contentious online retailers, with a big number of critical and favorable evaluations. Due to extensive promotion, they are considered to be giving their services aggressively. More advertising caused more regular ad pages and pop-ups, which irritated customers and resulted in fewer orders. One of the clients lost up to $3000 when shopping for her wedding. It was all she had, and it had saddened her to the point where he was contemplating suicide. One client stated that she would never be able to retrieve her $5000 from the site in another situation.

Online Scamming

‘It’s a fraud!’ One of the victims also revealed her condition. Around eight more websites exist, each with a different name but the same appearance and items, implying that the scammers are the same. After falling prey to this scam, I had to request a refund through PayPal for two transactions. As I completed two purchases, the PayPal receipt showed that money was transferred to two distinct individuals. The things listed on the receipt were also incorrect. The first was for electrical work, and the second was for tuition and fees. It was not what I ordered, as I had ordered pool floats! After a few days, I received an email from stating that the item had been delivered to my doorstep, even though I had received nothing. Paypal is looking into it, but I have no hopes. I lost everything to these scammers!’

Furthermore, one of the customers claimed that everything had been good for a year with no problems, and she continued to shop in the hopes of becoming one of the most loyal customers. However, her account was suspended shortly after she placed a large order, resulting in a loss of $10000. Finally, Ayesha, one of the clients, shares her story, saying, “I hope my experience helps educate other people so that they do not fall into the traps set by as I did.” It has not been easy for me to suffer psychologically, physically, or emotionally. ‘Now that I’ve lost everything, I wish this company would suffer to its core!’


How To Save Yourself From Companies Like Companyforyouthsome.Com?

Scams will surely remain as long as people are fooled by them. You can protect yourself and your bank account by following a few rules. Make certain, for example, that you finish your assignment. Everything should be read and examined thoroughly. Always study the website thoroughly before proceeding. If an offer appears suspicious or too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Personal information, on the other hand, should not be shared. If they have the right information, scammers may obtain access to almost every aspect of your life. This includes stealing both your identity and your money and other accounts. Never provide strangers with account information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or passwords unless you know who they are and the request is legitimate.

Even large corporations have received complaints and dissatisfied customers. Consider this: have you ever given a YouTube video a thumbs down? The same is true for and its marketing department. As a result, caution should be exercised while dealing with and similar businesses. If you are ever the victim of a scam, report it to your local authorities as soon as possible. If the investigation takes longer than expected, hire a private investigator or a cyber-crime analyst.

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Stay Free of Online Scams by Avoiding Blacklisted Online Scam Companies Entirely

Apart from the ones mentioned above, the online market is rife with scammers. Although no one can guarantee your safety 100 percent, you should avoid companies with shady records at all costs! Due to their manipulative trading techniques, lack of rules, and failure to deliver what they promised in the beginning, the list of black-listed companies is never-ending, and they are known as looting traders.

Nonetheless, before joining up with a broker, do extensive and detailed research! Look for negative reviews about the company. Look for both negative and good feedback. You can find these by searching using the words scam, nasty.’ One bad experience does not necessarily mean that you will have a bad experience, but it will provide you with a more complete picture. Most essential, keep an eye out for more consumer complaints about not receiving their things. It’s a red flag for a scam, but before passing judgment, try to contact the user and question their experience.

If you want to avoid becoming a victim of an internet scam and learn more about the various types of scams that exist today, read the article above carefully and follow the measures to be cautious at all times. Keep an eye out for red indicators, for example; you never know how well scammers have set up traps for you. In situations like these, a lack of response to emails, phony product images, and pricing that seems too good to be true may be beneficial. As a result, while there is no definite strategy for eliminating internet fraud, there are always certain strategies to ensure that the negative repercussions they create are mitigated.

Finally, keep in mind! It’s never too late to file a complaint. Scams are all over the internet these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid them or recover from them—find out where you can get help and how to protect yourself from them. Visit reputable recovery websites and tell your friends and family about them to keep them safe!

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