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We live in a world of technology where everything has become so convenient for people from all around the world, right? You can literally purchase anything from anywhere in the world with a single click. Apart from this, the use of the internet has made it so easier for people to do whatever they want. People do believe the internet is the best thing that ever happened to humanity. However, it comes with a huge share of cons as well, and the biggest of them all is online scams, which are happening everywhere around the globe. 

Online scams are on the rise since the use of the internet has rapidly increased. They are on the rise and do not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Now there are all sorts of online scams, including phishing, fake calls, email scams, e-commerce scams, dating ones, and so much more! People out there are just looking for the best opportunity to get a hold of your money, that’s it. Most people are aware of such scams and make sure to stay vigilant at all times; however, many aren’t. They end up trusting people and different websites that turn out to be fake. 

The company we are going to be talking about is Dbay Store, which is an eCommerce website that scams people. There are loads of individuals out there who have been scammed through this website and lost tons of bucks. In this article, we are going to have a look at how the company scammed people out there, the company itself, and more. If you want to learn more about this blacklisted company, then keep on reading and learn all about the tactics this company used since the same tactics are used by multiple other companies out there. You might be able to learn and keep yourself safe from online scams. 

An Online Webstore Which Had Traffic Worth Millions 


Web Store

Dbay Store is an online eCommerce website through which you can purchase various different purchases. The website of the company was quite appealing, and that is what made people think that it was a legit one. However, in reality, it was the complete opposite. The company was so popular because it used to offer quite cheap deals that attracted people. This was one of the biggest reasons people used to purchase from the company without researching on their own. 

The website is used to sell different products for people. This included different deals regarding clothes, makeup, and so much more! The prices were so cheap that they seemed too good to be true, yet people fell into their trap and ultimately got scammed. The company had its website as well as a Facebook page. Now, what made them so popular was that they used to advertise their products on Facebook, not on Google Ads. These Facebook ads were visible to many people out there. People used to click on the ad, go to their website, and place an order. Moreover, they even used to take orders through Facebook messages. 

The company spent a lot of their amount on their marketing, as that was the only way they could gain followers on their page. Their Facebook page had a lot of likes, and people were always engaging on their posts for details regarding their products. The company seemed like a legit one. If you went over their Facebook page, there was literally nothing shady about it. Moreover, even their website was well-developed. The aesthetics were somewhat okay, and it seemed like a pretty reasonable website. This is another reason people didn’t really think there was anything wrong with the company since most people out there judge a brand through its website.

What Sort of Scams Did Dbay Store Conduct? 

Since the company was an e-commerce-based website, all of its scams were online. They were pretty good at scamming people. The company operated for a good time period, and during that time, all they did was scam people. Not once they were true to their customers and sent them the products that they ordered. They really thought about the entire scamming scheme. First, they made a fake website and made sure it looked like a reliable one. They had a phone number, address, and an email written on the website. Most fake websites do not have these three important factors, and that is when people conclude not to purchase from the company. However, this specific company knew about this and made sure to provide their ‘customers’ with a way to contact them. In reality, they never answered back. 

After creating the website, they made their Facebook page and linked it with their website. They posted everything on their Facebook page that was on their website, and there was nothing left out. Moreover, the captions of their Facebook posts were quite interesting. They were convincing, and that is how their sales increased. However, they did not have any returning customers as their customers were never sent what they ordered. Once someone purchased an order through Facebook, they blocked the person right away after sending a receipt. Moreover, if someone used to complain about their order, they used to block that person as well. 

Their scams were pretty simple and straightforward. Let the customer place the order and block right away. The company also offered multiple payment options, including PayPal and credit card payment. Sure, people did complain to their banks once the payment was received, but they were never really caught. They played safe and made sure to protect themselves at all times. 

How Did They Reel in Innocent Victims & Scam Them? 


Innocent Scam


The company advertised its products through Facebook and was very popular for offering cheap deals, which attracted users to make purchases. However, once the users used to place the orders, they would send a fake receipt and never parcel the product to them. Moreover, they do not respond to their emails either. Everything on their website was completely fake. If you open the tracking ID they sent you, it will say after a couple of weeks that the product was delivered when in reality, it never got you. 

They also keep on updating the tracking of your product every other day to make it seem a little real, but that is all fake. Not to add, the business address, along with the phone number they provided, is completely fake as well. There are customers who have claimed that there are multiple websites out there posting the same content under different names. It seems as if there is a huge network of people who are scamming people this way and taking their money. They do not even respond to messages on Facebook. 

Once you add the product to your cart and make the payment, you can say goodbye to your money. There is no way you are going to get the amount you spent back. There are people out there who bought multiple products through the website and spent a huge chunk of money. Little did they know that all of this was fake. The company got blacklisted when people started complaining about the company on different platforms. That is when people stopped purchasing from them, and their website and Facebook page came to an end. The tactics they used are still used by other websites out there that scam people the same way and loot them later on. 

They Would Scam in Small Amounts, But Accumulated Was Alot! 


The company has scammed countless people out there. They had a lot of customers through their Facebook page as well as the ones that used to purchase products from their website. They had a mix of customers. Some spent $10 at a time, while some spent $80. Some of the customers even went beyond this number. People used to spend such big amounts as they offered deals. For example, if the actual price of the product was $30, they would sell it at 50%. They offered other deals as well that consisted of different products in a single package that was very cheap as well. The total amount cannot be predicted, but there is one thing that we can say for sure they scammed a huge number of people and stole a lot of money from them! They used to charge the shipping fee too. However, at times, they offered ‘free delivery’ to attract customers towards them.

A lot of people reported their page and gave them many bad reviews. One woman claimed that she spent over $100 and wanted her money back. 

What Do People Have to Say About The Dbay Store?


The website has scammed a lot of people out there, and they have a lot to say about it. The reviews are only negative, and there is not a single review out there that states something positive about the company. Some of the reviews by customers are: 

  • It is totally a scam! You will never ever receive your product! They provide you with fake tracking and No response from customer service at all! – Cat L. 
  • It is a scam site. It will never reveal the real tracking number, but they show fake tracking on its website. After a few weeks, it will list as an item delivered, whereas you will, in reality, receive nothing. Customer service doesn’t respond to your emails. – Vin S. 
  • After the order, you get a response with a fake receipt, no link to the site, and a wrong ref. Number. The tracking of the order seems to update every 1,5 days and uses your order data to make it look real. The address of the business is fake, the phone nr as well, and mails get no reply. There are multiple sites under different names using the same contents. They use Facebook to advertise. – Remon V. 
  • I never received the item I ordered three months ago, and they don’t reply to my emails. Absolutely fake, don’t buy. – Mario J. 
  • Saw their ad on Facebook and messaged them. I asked them a lot about their products, and they were very responsive and cooperative. That is when I purchased a lot of deals from them, made the payment, and was excitedly waiting for the order. Several days passed, and I didn’t get my order. That is when I realized I had been scammed by them. Never trust an online website so easily again! – Maria N. 

Where Are They Now – What Should You Do If You Got Scammed By The Company? 


Scam Alert


The company does not function anymore. You can check out their website, but that does not work anymore. It can be a possibility that they stopped operating once they scammed a huge amount of people. However, there are chances that they now operate under a different name. This is what most companies out there do once people are aware of their scams. It can also be a possibility that their Facebook page came down since a lot of people started reporting it and posted bad reviews on it. 

If you ever get scammed by a company, you need to make sure to report the scam asap. Moreover, you should also get in touch with Charge Backing, a company that helps people who have been scammed online. The company ensures to help scammed victims out there through their team of experts. All you need to do is get in touch with them, tell your case to them, and stay carefree. Their team of lawyers knows exactly what to do and how to help these people. 

However, when purchasing online, it is a must for everyone to do their research. Do not just purchase something from a company on the basis of their prices. Do your research, look for reviews online and check out if the company is legit or not. Even if there is a single negative review about the company, do not go for it! All in all, Dbay store is one of the blacklisted companies that scammed a tremendous amount of people by never sending their products to them. 

Scammers see opportunities to target us in these uncertain times. The Claimers can guide and support you.



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