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+442080977095 (U.K)
United States
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What Is The Company “Flexcapital” About

Flexcapital is a network of financial analysts, account managers, customer service representatives, and traders from across the world who are supposedly “passionate” about trading stocks, indices, currency pairings, commodities, and digital currency from a single trading account, however, upon research it can be seen that they are showing some red flags pointing towards suspicious and malicious behavior.

Flexcapital about

What is FlexCapital Offering Its Consumers?

They offer products and services to their clients which include the following:

Forex – The organization claims to trade foreign exchange under clear trading circumstances, however many individuals have reported that this is not the case. 

Commodities – FlexCapital also states that they trade commodities under clear trading terms. They trade a wide range of agricultural products, energy commodities, and precious metals on commodity markets or through CFDs. Yet again, further research has shown that this is also quite questionable. 

Stocks – Transparent trading conditions for trading stocks where you can choose from more than 15,000 stocks on 30 global exchanges to build a strong trading portfolio. Is it that transparent, I wonder!

Flexcapital offers

IS Legit Or A Scam?

They claim that making the trading world accessible to everyone passionate about it is their primary objective. They have introduced Web Trader, a web-based trading platform with a user-friendly interface and a very welcoming trading environment, for this purpose which could potentially be a trap to reel in innocent individuals.


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. We can help you with your legal and technical concerns. We can help you get your money back.

UK-regulated brokers. A legitimate forex license is required if Flex Capital is to provide services to highly regulated markets like the UK, the EU, Canada, Australia, or the United States. However, Ineffable Group LTD, an offshore company allegedly domiciled in the Commonwealth of Dominica, is stated to be the owner of Flex Capital.

This shows that the company is committing shady operations. We are dealing with scammers, to cut a long story short.

Is Licensed?

Flexcapital fca


Flex Capital does not meet the requirement of being legitimate due to its lack of regulation and its offshore location. FCA has blacklisted the site meaning everyone who invests on doesn’t have legal backing from the UK government. Opinions On Review Sites, Social Media Platforms, & More

When it comes to trading, investors should pick businesses with a track record of success. Trading with a new broker that hasn’t taken the time to highlight the advantages that their clients stand to gain by choosing them is a foolish move.

You won’t have anywhere to turn if the corporation decides to shut down its platform. One of those businesses cloaked in doubt is Flex Capital. The business is also congratulating the experts who came up with the plan. The fact that these are ghost employees, though, is the biggest issue. Nobody who works for this broker is found on LinkedIn.

All investment organizations must reveal the financial analysts and account managers who handle traders’ money, according to the regulatory bodies. We shouldn’t be having trouble locating this information. The fact that this is a failing organization is another major issue.

Regarding its training initiatives, Flex Capital does not give enough details. The program continues to claim it has close to 500,000 users despite this. The entity is quite persuasive, yet they are reluctant to provide evidence.

If you were scammed by an offshore broker, then contact TheClaimers to get your money back. We can help you because we are partnered with the best asset recovery firms in the industry.

Comparing To Well Established Organizations

Innocent Scam

One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges online that offers bitcoin is Binance. has already established a community and provides more safe investment opportunities as well as better deals and instruction for cryptocurrency beginners.

A great reputation exists for They provide a wide range of markets, not just forex, and are regulated in the UK, EU, US, and Canada. They also offer exceptionally narrow spreads and cutting-edge technology.

How Can You Get Your Money Back If FlexCapital Scammed you?

The disadvantages of investing in an unregulated and offshore brokerage include cost because offshore investments are expensive.

The minimum deposit needed to create an investing account varies by jurisdiction and can be as little as $100,000 or as high as $1 million. Second is safety considerations; the topic of whether or not this idea is safe causes worry for some investors, particularly those who are new to the offshore market.

Scam Recovery Companies

Thirdly, legal concerns may make you apprehensive about making investments abroad and may demotivate you from doing so. Lastly, offshore investing can be dangerous, just like any other type of business or financial venture. There may be a technique or two to get your money back if you already deposited money with them and they refuse to return it, which is quite likely to happen.

First and foremost, you must save the emails as evidence that you have asked them for a refund of your money but that they have refused to do so or have delayed the process unnecessarily. Next, reach out to theClaimers team and we will help you get in touch with the fastest and most trustworthy asset recovery firms who will then take on your case and aid you in getting your money back!

If you by chance get scammed, you need to report the incident and get in touch with a company like TheClaimers. We are going to help you get in touch with a reliable asset recovery agency and provide you with one on one consultation!

TheClaimers partners with the most trustworthy & capable scam recovery organizations.

Once you consult with us, we will be able to assist you solve your problem and refer you to the top asset recovery companies that will get your money back!



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