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Funds Trace – The Reliable Online & Crypto Scam Recovery Agents 


As we know, digitization, cyber-attacks, digital scams, and money fraud are on the rise. On a daily basis, there is a one-to-ten ratio of people who are duped by internet frauds, cryptocurrency frauds, dating swindles, CFD cons, investment scams, and worse!

Funds Trace is a recovery business equipped with industry specialists who can examine your case, acquire data and information about your criminals, and help you find your scammer. We don’t stop there; we make sure that the scammer restores 100% of the stolen funds to the victim.

What Exactly Are Fraud Websites? 



Scam websites are unauthorized internet websites that are used to trick users into committing fraud or malicious acts. Scammers nowadays make use of the internet’s anonymity to conceal their genuine identity and objectives behind various masks. False security warnings, giveaways, and other deceptive formats can be used to provide the appearance of authenticity.

Although the internet serves many essential functions, not everything on the internet is as it appears. Websites set up for a variety of criminal objectives compete with the millions of legitimate websites for attention. These websites try everything from identity theft to credit card fraud.

How Does A Scam Website Exploit You?



Scam websites, at their heart, rely on social engineering – exploitation of human judgment rather than technical computer systems.

Scams that use this trick rely on victims believing that a malicious website is real and trustworthy. Some are purposefully constructed to look like authentic, trustworthy websites, such as those run by government agencies. Websites intended for scamming are not usually well-designed, as a careful eye can tell. 

To prevent detection, a scam website will employ an essential component of social engineering: emotion. An attacker can use emotional manipulation to get over your inherent skeptical instincts. These con artists frequently aim to elicit the following emotions in their victims:

  • Urgency: Offers that are time-sensitive or account security alerts can urge you to respond quickly rather than consider critically.
  • Excitement: Attractive deals and offers, such as free gift cards or a quick wealth-building scheme, can elicit optimism, leading you to overlook any potential disadvantages.
  • Fear: False viral illnesses and account notifications cause frightening action, which is frequently accompanied by feelings of urgency.

Whether these emotions function together or independently, they all contribute to advancing the attacker’s objectives. On the other hand, fraud can only abuse you if it feels relevant or relatable to you. Due to this reason, there are numerous variations of internet fraud sites.

Services Offered at Funds Trace



  • ONLINE Scam Recovery
  • BANKING Scam Recovery
  • INVESTMENT Scam Recovery
  • FOREX Scam Recovery
  • CRYPTOCURRENCY Scam Recovery
  • CFD Scam Recovery

Funds Trace employs a highly integrated and functioning procedure to catch scammers and recover stolen assets. Depending on the severity of your scam case, the complete process of recovering monies can take between 1-3 months. 

If you suspect funds have been taken from your account, our team of local professionals will look into the matter and contact the respective authorities and take legal action on your behalf as well. By registering a dispute and contesting the matter on your behalf, Funds Trace can make the process easier for you.

Fraudsters may use the internet to steal or defraud you, but Funds Trace utilizes it to our advantage and has created the method for reporting a case and recovering your cash consists of a number of stages that the Funds Trace team will walk you through! They assist you in identifying the entities that have conducted cyberattacks against you and defrauded you of your money, assets, and information. 

Funds Trace handles everything for you, from managing your legal battle against the scammer to guaranteeing that the monies are successfully returned to your account immersive process for victims to contact Funds Trace and report their cases online.

Testimonials from Past Funds Trace Clients 



Tessy D’souza


I was first hesitant to share my details and case with an outside company after already being scammed once. I met the team of professionals at Funds Trace and saw their process, and I felt secure and entrusted them with my details.

In a few months, a substantial amount of my lost money was recovered, and now I have great confidence in them and will always suggest them in the future.

George Ralph


An internet trader who specialized in binary options, cryptocurrencies, and FX trading called me. He claimed that his company was cutting-edge, using cutting-edge technology, and could provide guaranteed returns. I put down a few thousand dollars and used their internet platform, which appeared to function extremely nicely. I could tell that my trades were profitable. They insisted that I invest more, and they guaranteed that I would earn even more.

This fraud has made me quite ashamed – they were incredibly convincing and skilled. The scammers threatened to ‘throw me off the market’ because my trades were failing, and I was reduced to 3% of my initial investment, but I knew it was too late by then.

A friend referred me to Funds Trace; after explaining my dire situation to their team, they guaranteed to recover my funds within two months, and to my surprise, my case was resolved, and 95% of my funds were recovered within 45 days.

Funds Trace truly is a blessing; I would recommend it to anyone who has been a victim of fraud to contact them as soon as possible.

Funds Trace is A Credible Way To Recover Your Stolen Wealth


Stolen Wealth

The credibility of Funds Trace has also been authenticated by relevant bodies. 

It is rated as one of the top organizations in the market for dealing with scams and frauds – investment scams, cryptocurrency scams, online scams, romance scams – you name it, and an expert with 3+ years of experience will assist you. Furthermore, they have recovered $120,000 with an 80% success rate over the last three years. Not only that, but Funds Trace can recover your stolen funds in less than a month, which is 50% faster than the results of normal funds recovery firms.

You can visit Claimers to know and learn how to protect yourself from different kind of scams.



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