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How Do Payment Card Scams Happen in 2022 - What is The Process of These Dangerous Scams?

Payment card scams or also commonly known as credit card scams are mainly scams that are committed using a payment card, primarily a credit card or either a debit card. The main purpose of the scammer is to obtain your card and make a payment to other accounts which are generally controlled by the scammer himself.

In addition to credit card scams, debit card scams are also a part of payment scams. This mainly takes place once the criminal or in this case the scammer gains access to your debit card number which also includes your card’s pin code. There are several different methods used to obtain your personal information which includes employees who are behind this or working with the hacker.

Card Scanning

The easiest way you can detect debit card fraud is by noticing the unauthorized transactions that are taking place. This includes the thief transferring money to other accounts or taking out money. Moreover, the easiest way to spot such fraudulent activities is by signing up for online banking and having an online banking application to monitor and keep a check on your transaction.

The key to noticing any type of payment fraud is to check your bank balance and recent transactions every day. You can also sign up for banking alerts that allow you to keep track of your cards. This article discusses how these payment card scams take place and provides you with tips and tricks to avoid payment card scams.

Frequent reviewing of your credit card transactions is the best way to recognize or avoid any card-related fraud.

If you’re someone who wants to protect your card transactions, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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How Do Payment Card Scams Take Place?

Credit Cards vs Debit Cards

So let’s talk about what really is payment card fraud or payment card scams. First of all, let me clear out that payment cards include both credit cards and debit cards. Credit cards are cards that are usually a loan from the bank and you use the card and by the end of the month, you realize you’ve used it a little too much and you’re gonna get a big bill.

So credit cards are like the devil’s spawn. You don’t realize that while using it because you’re in an absolute bliss of having free money but by the end of the month you’ll realize when you’re in credit card debt. Debit cards are your own money in an account that you use very carefully.

Credit Card Fraud

online banking

So let’s talk about how credit card scams and how credit card fraud happens. This type of fraud can take place if someone actually steals your card or they hack into your bank account. It’s actually quite hard to resolve these issues and you might incur some unauthorized charges which will result in a lot of bills. Moreover, once your credit card balance increases you are mainly damaging your credit card score. Let’s talk about how credit card fraud takes place. Credit card fraud mainly occurs when an unauthorized person is exposed to your private information and uses this information to make purchases. There are several ways by which fraudsters can get access to your personal information.

They can either steal your credit card or you might lose it and it may come into the hands of a scammer, skimming your credit card, by hacking your computer, calling you about fake lucky draws or prizes, phishing attempts through fake phone calls, messages and emails, stealing your mail or looking closely whilst you’re checking out. Criminals can get your lost or stolen cards by either finding them on the road or by stealing them from your possession. In this case, the thief might not be able to draw money from your account but they can easily make online purchases since they have the card. Another type of credit card fraud occurs when the criminal does not need a physical credit card. 

visa card

Instead of getting the card, they can easily obtain your personal information and they can commit fraudulent activity through emails, online or the phone.  Another type of credit card fraud is application fraud which involves a scammer applying for a new credit card under the name of a person. They can do this by taking the victim’s personal information and can even steal any supporting documents to make it more believable.

Debit Card Fraud

Let’s talk about debit card fraud now and how it takes place. Debit card fraud mainly takes place when someone gets a hold of your debit card or they gain access to your personal or account details. The scammer might not need your physical debit card to commit such fraudulent activities. Fraudsters can easily get a hold of all your card details mainly through an ATM card skimming device. In addition to this, fraudsters can easily gain access into your old bank statements or debit cards.

debit cards

They can direct certain messages or emails that seem very believable to force you to make a payment on a fake website. By entering all your personal information on that fake website these fraudsters can easily make payments or online purchases by using the personal information you just entered. There are two main categories of debit card fraud which mainly includes the scammer using the physical card to commit fraud or committing CNP fraud which is known as card not present fraud. 

The first type of fraud can easily take place by someone stealing your card on the street or through an ATM skimming machine to create a counterfeit or fake card. CNP fraud takes place when these fraudsters hack databases, through skimming or through phishing attacks.  Once these hackers have all your personal information they can easily commit fraud. If you’ve been a victim of banking scam you can contact us for support!



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Can These Dangerous Scams Be Avoided?

Avoiding a Credit Card Scam Like a Pro!

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You can easily get scammed or your card can be used in fraudulent activities without you realizing it. There are several tips and tactics to avoid getting scammed. This includes firstly using only securing websites and refraining from entering your personal information or your financial information on any fake website or any website that seems suspicious. It is crucial to refrain from entering any credit card information on fake websites or unsecured websites since it might be a trap to have you enter your details and then use that to make payments and commit fraudulent activities.

Another tip is to never give your personal account number over the phone. If anyone calls you pretending to be your bank or asking for your credit card number refrain from giving anyone this number on the phone. Another tip is to regularly check your transactions and banking informationYou need to check your banking statements every day to ensure that no one is doing anything suspicious. The key to avoiding any sort of credit card fraud is to keep a close eye on your account and your bank. You can do this by signing up for banking alerts or by creating a digital account that easily allows you to view your banking statements. Another tip that is very important is to keep a close eye on whenever you’re making in-person transactions.

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For example, if you go into a restaurant or you go to make a purchase you should ensure that the employee makes the purchase in front of you instead of the employee going away from you. If they can get away from you they can easily bite down your card details which include your card number, expiration date, and your CVV.  Another tip is to remove any information regarding your credit card from e-commerce websites.  Do not save your credit card information on any website because hackers can easily hack into the website and view your information since it’s already saved.

A Debit Card Scam Can Be Avoided

Debit card scams are very easy and the key to avoiding these scams is to take necessary steps that prevent you from getting scammed. The first tip to avoid debit card scams is to check your account regularly which includes you checking your account balance and your account statements. This also includes setting up banking alerts for example the moment someone makes a purchase or transaction you’ll get an alert.

Payment Scam

If that isn’t you, you can immediately report that to your bank and get that account blocked. Moreover, another tip is to go paperless which prevents your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. You can easily go paperless since it protects you from hackers. However, if you wish to store bank statements just keep them secure and safe to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. 

Another tip that is crucial is to avoid having your account details such as your account number or your pin code on your laptop or on your phone. If you do have it it makes it easier for hackers to hack into your account and make transactions.Another tip is to avoid any suspicious emails, phone calls, or text messages since they are likely to be phishing scams and you can easily give access to fraudsters through these emails. Avoid clicking on any third-party link and never enter your card details or personal information on any such fake websites.

Also always use Bank ATMs instead of using random ATMs on the street or at restaurants. This also minimizes the risk of an ATM skimmer gaining access to your card details and your personal information. Always use facial recognition or a fingerprint to log into your online banking application to keep it secure and protected against random scammers.  In addition to this, it is also important to have a strong ATM pin code and password for your online banking application. These are a few tips that will prevent you from landing your debit card and personal details in the hands of unknown fraudsters and scammers.

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Keep Your Credit & Debit Cards Safe!

After going through the entire process of payment card scams I hope it’s clear that these scams are quite easy to commit and it takes very long to detect if you don’t check your bank account every day.

The key with credit card or debit card scams is firstly keeping your private and personal information to yourself. Look around yourself and see if anyone suspicious is around you while you’re taking out money from the ATM or when you’re entering your pin and making a transaction.

 It is very common for hackers to observe your actions and then steal your card. Many people have reported that most banking fraud takes place at the bank itself. When you’re going in and out of the ATM machine many fraudsters might be observing you to see your daily transactions etc and to see whether you have enough money for them to commit fraud. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your pin code hidden and to check your banking transactions every day. 

The key to avoiding fraud is to check your daily banking transactions which include having a digital banking application or having signed up for banking alerts. The moment you see any unusual activity, report it and get your card blocked to avoid getting scammed.

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