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How IFW Global is Making Use of Data & Technology To Help Innocent Victims of Investment Scams Get Their Money Back!

Are your payments delayed, or are you being scammed? During this era, you can never be sure about your money investments, as many scammers, frauds, and other things are happening in the industry. 

So, my dear fellows, you need a recovery company in such a situation. But you might be wondering what a recovery company is, right? These are companies that help you get your delayed payments back. A scam or an original site with your investments does not matter as a recovery company can cater to you to get back your hard-earned money within a small fraction of time without too much hassle. Amazing, right?

IFW Global is also a recovery company that will surely help you out in a time of need. They make sure their clients are satisfied and offer them the best possible solutions to their queries. They take help from highly trained operators, and resources present globally to gather evidence. They then locate where your money or assets are hidden and prove that these were gained by illegal means to the jurisdiction, helping you gain your investments back. Reaching them out is very simple. 

It would be best first to alert your nearest law enforcement center, then visit the IFW Global website and tell them about your situation in detail. They will help you out by finding the hidden funds that have been scammed from you. This way, your funds will be easily recovered online, and you do not have to go anywhere to get your money back.

You might be wondering what online recovery is and how it works. How come I do not have to visit any offices or departments, right? Well, keep on reading to find out.

Study shows that nearly 40% of those who Report Fraud attacks are young adults between ages of 20-29 yrs old

Federal Trade Commission

If you want to keep yourself safe from falling victim to internet scams, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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The Purpose of Online Investment Scam Recovery

As the name states, online recovery is getting your funds and assets back through online means. In such a way, you do not contact the recovery company in a physical setting but rather in a virtual setting where they use their online systems to trace your funds and get them back to you. 

These types of companies usually work for business to business debts and other similar cases. They also work for crypto scams and such frauds.

The process that they follow is simple; they ask for a few documents and proofs for your claims. Ask their trained operators to find evidence for you and then finally trace all your investments and money along with the scam company. Then they begin with the debt collection process once the pieces of evidence and other proofs are confirmed, taking legal action against the scammers. These services are available all the time, and they also keep you updated with their progress 24/7, allowing you to stay updated with the pace of their debt recovery process. 

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Depending on how you like or what is possible, such online recovery businesses will reimburse your assets and investments partly from the opposing party or can collect the amount in a single go from the debtor.

These conditions vary based on the country, city, and some other factors. So, make sure to ask your company about these conditions before going straight into the debt collection process online. IFW Global is one of the trusted and best companies for such cases as they have worked for many clients and helped them in reimbursing their finances after scams. So, let’s learn a little about this company, like some history, facts, and figures about how they might actually help you recover your funds with ease.

History of the IFW Global & What the IFW Global Does

IFW Global leads in investigations, asset recovery, and cybercrimes. This company is not only a recovery company but makes sure that its clients are guarded against the various cyber crimes available all around the globe. 

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This company is located in Australia but also has branches in the Philippines, United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Hong Kong, with highly equipped and trained staff members and easily monitored in the heart of Asia. They ensure they deliver services that are not easily available globally and help their clients to get their funds back without any issues. Generally, law enforcement agencies are restricted to their local locations. 

They only suspect and work in those specific areas, limiting the spread of data collection and evidence regarding the case. However, IFW Global is different. This company is not restricted to these conditions. It ensures that every single case that they get is solved with sensitivity and urgency, keeping in mind all the possible locations and getting data from there.

With around 22 employees, the IFW Global works by investigating the case in-depth, closing off the illegal peer networks, removing those scams from the market, and successfully getting back all the assets and funds lost from their clients in those frauds. They build up evidence from their in-depth investigations and research and take action accordingly. 


Scammers can create complex scams that can trap even the most cautious of people. But it’s not too late because we can help you track the damage done by scammers. We can help you get your money back!

Every single case that they handle has its own unique solution as the outcome is also according to the case and cannot be fixed for every available scam out there. They offer their clients a methodical process. Are you confused? Well, this process is where they systematically take steps and process further cautiously to get the desired results rather than apply a previously used and set approach that may not result in the desired outcome. They have been very successful throughout their cases due to this approach as the scammers can never guess what the next move would be, offering IFW Global to change their work any time regarding the situations.

So, how might the IFW Global work and help solve the case might be your next question? The answer to the question is in the next section. Let’s read.

How Is Online Recovery Done, and Is IFW Global A Trustworthy Company Or Not?

IFW Global is not your normal company; they work intelligently and all around the world with ease to please their customers and make sure to stop the scammers and end the ongoing fraud cycles. 


This company does not only work for asset recovery but also works in various other fields such as; investigation and surveillance in the private intelligence agency, uncovering of serious and pre-planned scams, cryptocurrency scams, cyber investigations, corporate due diligence, private investigations, corporate espionage, executive protection, intelligence reports, fugitive tracking, abduction, kidnapping and missing person services. 

This company provides all these services and is useful for both a commoner and a governmental officer. They effectively ensure that all of their clients are satisfied and the online scam fund recovery is performed smoothly. You are curious, right? Then why wait? Let’s learn more about the process in detail.

The Process Used In Recovering Of Funds From Online Investment Scams

The IFW Global takes help from the Asset Recovery Specialist to get your funds back. The asset recovery specialist is a skilled operator who can easily get your money back if possible. A normal recovery period is around two to three months, but that totally depends on the complexity of the case and the geographic location and factors involved. 

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The agreements are reviewed, the contract is made, and funds are recovered. Still, first, the team analyzes the case to find out if it is real or if you have deceived the company into thinking about a case filled with misleading statements, false marketing, and fake data.

The first step is to contact your law enforcement office and let them know about the case. The second step is to contact IFW Global, and from there, the real work will start. The IFW Global will need you to provide them with a few pieces of evidence and information so that they can verify your case and then start working on it after an agreement with you. They will need you to submit whatever evidence you have regarding your case. 

The evidence may include; all the communications details with the scammers, their voice recordings, bank receipts, contact details such as email, phone number, website, etc., video recording (if any), agreements or contracts, police report copies (if applicable) and any other evidence that may support the investigation and is valid. After getting these documents, the team will analyze them and the case to check whether the evidence provided is original or not. If it is original and there are chances of recovery, the IFW Global team will take the process a step further and bring their asset recovery specialists into the picture. It might conduct interviews of the witnesses or talk to people related to gathering all the evidence so that they can find the solution to the case and bring back your money through legal action and settle everything at once, successfully.

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IFW Global has successfully recovered over US$ 22 million for their clients in the past six years of their work. They continue to successfully negotiate deals and get returns for their clients that help them with minimizing the risks and helping them get good results in their cases. If there is a case that has low chances of recovery, the IFW Global, according to its policy, straightforwardly declines the case as they do not want their clients to be used or to let them have hope that it will never be real. 

So, after so much effort, let’s see what the clients of IFW Global have to say about the company and if they really do a good job.

Clients View Of IFW Global As An Online Investment Recovery Company

The IFW Global has an experience of over six years, and they have gotten a great number of compliments and praises from their clients. Some clients commented that the company is absolutely amazing. Others tell tales about the great experience they had during their times of need and online scam fund recovery at the company. 

Many praise chairman Ken Gamble and how he is super kind, professional, and efficient in their work. Many clients talk about how effectively they tracked down and got back the funds in a small amount of time and helped with pressing charges and shutting down the scammers without too much hassle. The list of compliments and good reviews goes on as the majority of the clients of IFW Global are satisfied with the results and the process that the company used to recover their funds. So, if you have an issue like this, just go ahead and contact IFW Global and get the best and most effective service and return your funds from an online scam.

The Power of Data and Information When Dealing With Online Scammers

The IFW Global has helped many claimers to get their lost or stolen funds back with the help of their intelligent team. There are two main steps that everyone should follow when going to get their money back from cyber scammers. The first is to alert their local law enforcement officers, and the second is to contact IFW Global. 

The IFW Global works by taking details from you and then using their cybercrime investigation techniques to gather information about the scammers and help your law enforcement officers to recover your money with legal means. They use advanced surveillance methods to obtain your data and uncover your stolen or lost funds. This is how powerful online data and information can be, as it plays an important role in locating your funds and getting back your money.

There are many scam cases these days, and there is no way to get your money back, but there is one solution to all your worries. You can get your investments recovered through the IFW Global website. We are experts who can help you out in your difficult times and can help you in recovering your funds if you face online fraud and lose your funds in the hands of scammers. Reach out at the website provided. You will get your funds back with an entirely legal process and thorough investigation done by expert operators gathering information from all around the world through cyber intelligence to carry out services to recover your stolen or lost funds.

do you need help?

A lot of those who contact us have questions and concerns about their personal and business data being compromised. We aim to arm you with the legal and technical know-how in the fight against scams. Also, we will be able to refer you to top scam recovery agencies.

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