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How To Stay Clear of Tinder Swindlers & Online Dating Scams

Netflix movie Tinder Swindler is a romantic comedy that is coming out at the end of this year. It’s a story about how two people meet on Tinder and get to know each other through the app and free dating sites. The film’s release has sparked an increase in dating scams and how dangerous they are, as these dating website scams are easier to pull off than ever before.

In the past, people had to be careful that they weren’t being scammed by someone they met online. Nowadays, it’s even more difficult to tell the difference between a real person and a scammer because of how realistic these scams are. The Netflix movie “Tinder Swindler” is an example of how people are vulnerable to online dating scams. It shows how easy it is for someone to get conned by an online scammer who is pretending to be someone else. 


In the past, people also had to wait for months before they could see their potential date in person. Nowadays, all you need is a swipe to find out if you have a match. This has made it easier for scammers to trick people into giving them money or personal information. But now, the Netflix movie “Tinder Swindler” and the Tinder dating app are related to the increase in dating scams because they make it easier for people who want to scam others.

With these scams being easier, people need to be careful and cannot let their feelings get the best of them – they need to keep their guard up. People need to be careful nowadays and cannot let their feelings get the best of them – they need to keep their guard up because it is easy for scammers to take advantage of people’s emotions. Which is why we have assembled this article to help people out to find answers to questions like who can use dating sites? What do people use dating sites? Are dating sites legit? Or are dating sites safe?

the FBI received 351,937 romance scam complaints just in year 2021 alone.

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If you’re someone who is into online dating, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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These Red Flags Are There To Warn You!

surfing at dark

Online dating scams such as facebook dating scam, whatsapp dating scam, or military romance scam are still considered to be one of the biggest dangers to people looking for love on the internet. These scams can happen when someone shares their personal information with the wrong person or when they have a meeting in person with an online acquaintance. Many people are cheated of their money due to their personal feelings.

This can happen because they are too trusting or not cautious enough. In order to prevent this from happening, the best way is to be careful and use various methods that can help reduce the chance of a romance scammer gaining your trust, such as using common sense, doing research on the person you are talking to, using a dating site with security measures, or using an app made for people looking for relationships.

social media apps

Online dating scams are a pervasive problem and can happen to anyone. It is not just the individuals that are being scammed but also the people who are in relationships with them. One of the biggest concerns is how these scammers make their money and where they get it from. The people at risk of this type of scam include those who use online dating sites to meet other people.

Users may feel like they have a connection with their match, and then the scammer will take full advantage of this connection by making plans for meeting up in person. They do so because it increases their chance of getting money from these users that believe in love and romanticism. It has been reported that 90% of online dating scams involve an American or European male posing as an attractive woman from another country.

1. Red Flags in the Profile


When browsing at a possible match’s online dating website, there may be a few things to keep an eye out for. The following are some common characteristics of a scammer’s profile:

  • They only have a few photographs on their accounts and those that do appear to be modeling or glamor generic shots.
  • They study or reside in some other nation, regardless of the fact that you are seeking individuals in your neighborhood.
  • Numerous con artists argue to be joining the army in another nation.

Fraudsters and Chatbots will have extremely little personal data on online dating. Some also just have one or a few photographs on their page and therefore do not link it to their Twitter or even other social media sites.

2. Frequent Misleading and Off-topic Conversations

typing on keyboard

Internet dating fraudsters, particularly some that scam their prey, would invite users to switch to a different mode of communication beyond the site wherever you first communicated with them. Scam artists frequently prefer to connect via coded communication on online networking sites such as Twitter or Snapchat.

Somebody might, instead, opt to send you a text or email or use an application such as Telegram to communicate with you. Anybody you have not yet encountered who tries to change the focus to some other site should be avoided.

3. They Declare Their Love Immediately

heart keyboard

When it comes to declaring an intimate attachment, dating sites fraudsters move swiftly. Within one short amount of time, they might declare that they absolutely adore the user because of the claim of feeling a strong connection and close relationship with them. Everything is due to the underlying deception that goes into a fake profile on dating services on the web.

This is mainly why individuals who are already fragile and solitary are just such good options because they crave companionship. Initially, on an initial conversation, because you’ve not encountered them, keep an eye out for all the candidates that are extremely complimentary and too dedicated.

4. Always Cancels Meetings Due to Urgent Issues


One of the most popular lines used by dating websites fraudsters is that they just really desire to see the user in person, but whenever the moment comes, something major happens. The fraudster just doesn’t desire to see the person face to face because they are not who they pretend they are.

This is also the main reason numerous con artists pretend to reside in some other nation or to be on an army operation; it gives them a way of avoiding meeting up. Several fraudsters, in fact, utilize army and troop photographs in online accounts. The failing to handle you might possibly be the case if they try to steal cash from a target in the first place. They may pretend that they require funds to purchase an airline ticket to visit you.

5. Never Video Chats

video call

Telephone conversations sound – visual conversations may be avoided by fraudsters. Several people, on the other hand, may pass for native speakers. A predator, on the other hand, will never emerge in videoconference because fraudsters utilize phone profile photographs. If the potential mate refuses to participate in video calling or continuously makes explanations regarding the webcam getting damaged, become suspicious.

Numerous cell phones are now equipped with a built camera setup, making multimedia conferencing a breeze. Many individuals may be hesitant to participate in a video chat at first due to nervousness. However, it’s a red sign if someone claims to love but refuses to talk with you over a webcam after months of correspondence.

If you were scammed and got your money stolen from a romance scam, then contact us to get your money back for you!


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. We can help you with your legal and technical concerns. We can help you get your money back.

6. They Always Ask for Cash

Lots of Money

A fraud or scammer would almost certainly ask for cash from the user because that was the true aim among most fraudsters. They might design a number of circumstances, such as sick family members, physical ailments, or transportation difficulties. Fraudsters who are really cunning might still mislead you into giving them cash by pretending to ship you a box that demands import taxes.

Fraudsters don’t often operate solo, so you can get a contact or paperwork from somebody pretending to be a second party requesting money. Some con artists even ask for additional funding or participation in their fictitious firm. If your suitor or someone connected to them makes any form of cash request, this is the most obvious evidence that you really are the victim of a hoax.

7. Tries to Engage You in Illegal Transactions

money and calculator

Among the most recent internet, dating frauds somehow don’t ask people for cash but rather transform people into “cash couriers.” Instead of attempting to extort funds from an account, such con artists persuade users into a co-conspirator in financial fraud. The fraudster may move funds to the recipient, which subsequently receives a Gift certificate or some other type of gift voucher.

They may also make you an offer and request you to transfer it to a separate username for them. Fraudsters may persuade a person to create a checking account on their behalf. If an internet lover invites you to participate in such sorts of bank transfers and trades, it’s probable they’re a con artist attempting to trick you into participating in improper conduct.

8. Always Share Service and Website Links

mail for phone

They check and get back to some other product or webpage that you can use. Many fraudsters avoid cyberstalking in favor of more effective methods of target exploitation. This is particularly the case in online dating, wherein robot accounts are common.

When a mate offers you an URL to something like an application, tool, business, or blog that they claim you should explore, it’s usually a ruse to like you to provide banking details or install viruses. Fraudsters use it as a dating site equivalent to hacking, and it’s a common approach on hookup culture applications such as Tinder.

9. They Always Tell Fake Stories with a Twist

talking at park

The detailed tearful tale is yet another prevalent trait of internet dating scams. Your chance to have entered this person’s career even though everything was going to go away. Their pet is dying, their mother requires medical care, and they are likely to be deported, among other things.

These narratives are usually complicated, and the more you investigate things, the further specifics are provided to even further mislead people. All of this is accentuated by despair and heartfelt requests for assistance. They truly care about you, and if you care about them, you’ll go out of your way to aid them.

10. Poor Language Usage in General

hand signal

This is a delicate subject. Users are not inherently interacting with a dating website fraudster if they have a weak grasp of the native language. The internet allows individuals from all walks of life to connect. So it’s very conceivable that the individual with whom you’re embarking on a love adventure will not really read or understand English fluently.

Since there’s no possibility of awful English coming from an individual they’re purporting to be, that’s a real indicator. When someone pretends that they are a native English speaker, college graduate, or a resident of an American nation whose English is fragmented and of poor quality, it’s a significant red flag. Learn more about romance scams by vising our website!

Stay Clear of Tinder Swindler

People have a proclivity to think impulsively. Professionals in advertising are aware of this, hence why advertisements emphasize emotions. Companies would like you to purchase or give to a charity by using the “love pays” tactic or by making people unhappy and empathetic. Fraudsters follow the very same script, but they do not really give anything in exchange for the money, effort, and emotional commitment.

That’s why, whenever it comes to internet interactions, you must always keep some space both for yourself and such sentiments. A partnership is really not solid once you’re actually there with each other. Many individuals are discovering support online, but you must be the one who hooks a decent catch rather than being the one who is caught by a crook.

Accepting acquaintances or following invitations from individuals you do not even recognize on social networks is a bad idea. Remove any listings with the kids, as well as their anniversary, from any Facebook profiles. This data can be used by fraudsters to find out personal credentials and get entry to certain other sites.

Giving funds, gift certificates, or banking transactions to somebody you have not yet met face to face is never a good idea. Use international dating websites, but keep in mind that thieves will scour these most respected internet sources for fresh targets.

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A lot of those who contact us have questions and concerns about their personal and business data being compromised. We aim to arm you with the legal and technical know-how in the fight against scams. Also, we will be able to refer you to top scam recovery agencies.

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