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Scam Company
1.8 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews) – The Online Scammer’s Unstoppable Rise


According to a new Better Business Bureau report, as more people shop online after the pandemic, the number of scams reported has increased this year. More than 80% of consumers who reported one of these scams this year lost money, a significant increase from the previous year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given scammers new ways to defraud consumers. You should never give out personal information to anyone contacting you directly on the internet. 

If you conduct a financial transaction online, make sure you do so on a secure server and reputable site. – Scam Alert! 


Online scams are becoming more common, but there is a lack of understanding about how they work. In exchange for money, the scammer will offer a customer a fantastic deal on an expensive product or service. They will request payment in a different form and location once they have their attention.

Scam Alert

The user is then asked to send money via Western Union or other wire-transfer services, and the scammer eventually receives their money while the innocent victim receives nothing. 

The most common online scams are fake offers from people who want to have their products delivered to them from another country. They send email or text messages to their potential victims, asking for the bank account information from which the money will be withdrawn. is one of the businesses that engage in these activities. Because of their malicious activities, they were blacklisted. The website promised safe and secure shopping, but had an average rating and all negative customer reviews.

Is a scam?


It’s no surprise that claimed to be registered and authentic but the company proved untrustworthy and unauthentic. 

Red Flag

It was run by a scammer who stopped fulfilling its obligations by not delivering orders to its customers. Their plan was straightforward. Scammers transferred money into their accounts as soon as people made payments.

Furthermore, they used the same phone number, website theme, script, and payment method as other scammers. They are so cunning and powerful in their manipulation that clients are not even given time to consider their actions before shopping. 

Worse, scammers provide no feedback, leaving victims helpless and hopeless. So, if someone promises huge discounts or immediate delivery without proof, they are most likely a scam. That’s what did! As a result, is not a legitimate company.

Reasons for being blacklisted 


Many customers who chose for shopping encountered a few issues. Customers reported that when they emailed about product delivery, they received generic responses delivered mechanically. 

Over several months, the website had not responded to their repeated attempts to contact them about the difficulties. Customers had no recourse, although claimed to be regulated and certified. However, this was not the case, and people lost their money. As a result, the company was blacklisted.

How much money did it steal from people?


Cybercriminals may attempt to contact potential victims using personal and professional email accounts, social networking sites, dating apps, or other methods to obtain financial or other vital personal information. 

Stealing Peoples Money

Many effective online scams, like, had a similar outcome: the victims either lost their money or did not receive the sums promised by the fraudster. As a result, it stole large sums of money from people, defrauding victims to millions of dollars each year.

What are people saying about this company?


According to a never-ending list of complaints, was one of the biggest scammers, according to many customers. Due to extensive advertising, they are said to provide their services aggressively. 

Thumbs Down

More advertising meant more regular advertising pages and pop-ups, which irritated customers and resulted in fewer orders.

One of the clients lost up to $8000 while looking for a new home. It was all she had, and it depressed her so much that she sought mental health treatment. One client stated that she would never be able to recover her $2000 from the platform in another instance.

Approximately ten other websites with different names but the same design and products suggest that the scammers are the same. One of the customers complained that everything was fine with her first purchase, so she kept shopping hoping to become one of the most loyal customers. However, after placing a large order, her account was blocked, resulting in a $1050 loss.

Finally, one client stated, “I hope suffers and remains blacklisted forever.” I hope my experience educates others so they do not fall into the traps set by such companies as I did. It has not been easy for me to suffer mentally, physically, or emotionally. I lost everything, and there are no words to describe how I felt.

What should you do if you fall for this scam?


Finding a website that meets your requirements is a difficult in today’s world. Before purchasing from companies such as, it is recommended that you read as many reviews and feedback as possible. 

Coaching Scam

It is recommended that before purchasing from companies such as, people investigate their website, reviews, and complaints to determine how much money they can afford to lose. 

Scammers can be so cunning and convincing that they obtain detailed information from your social media accounts. Be cautious! Victims of such businesses lose hundreds of thousands of dollars because they fall prey to the trap due to a lack of experience. 

Even if the website promised to deliver what it promised, people should have realized that being a part of this ECommerce has never been without risks and necessitates a great deal of attention and research. 

As a result, they should have become acquainted with all of these risks and invested in using the internet to contact victims.

It’s never too late to start learning. You can always protect yourself and your loved ones by researching the company’s license, regulation policies, and other relevant information.

Understand Your Online Consumer Rights!


When you shop online and engage in E-commerce, you are protected by consumer law, and companies or websites like those mentioned above are required to uphold these rights or face legal action.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are numerous scam companies in the online market. Although no one can guarantee your complete safety, you should avoid companies with ambiguous backgrounds at all costs! 

The list of black-listed companies is endless. They are known as looting traders due to their manipulative trading practices, lack of regulations, and failure to deliver on their initial promises.

Lastly, keep in mind that it is never too late to file a report. Scams are commonplace online, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid or recover from them—research where to get help and how to protect yourself from scams. Visit Claimers a reputable recovery websites and inform your loved ones to keep them safe!



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