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Pedophrasty & Bigoteering - Their Role in Modern Day Scams

You might have heard about many common scams, such as romance, investment, social media, etc., but have you ever come across Pedophrasty or Bigoteering? Sounds new, we know! 

It’s not that you lack awareness. In fact, nowadays, it’s a great time to be a criminal. We know it sounds weird, but thanks to the growing power of the internet, digitalization, and social media, it has never been this easy to find so many scam victims at once! Perhaps because paying electronically is far more accessible, convenient, and safe than the traditional method? Or because it reduces the health and safety concerns due to a contactless transaction, especially during these times of covid 19? Nevertheless, you cannot ignore the severe consequences that come with it; never-ending scams.

However, this article brings you something new. It is not related to any of these scams but rather covers something broader. It signifies that the more principles of ethical behavior that should be voluntary (such as anti-racism and anti-sexism) are institutionalized, the more they will be exploited as a cover for unethical behavior. It refers to getting rid of the abusers and abusers from the conversation. The problem is that, while some scams are still fairly easy to notice, growing scams such as these are becoming more difficult to spot, with scammers employing increasingly sophisticated psychological strategies to manipulate their victims into turning over personal information or money. Hence, being a part of this modern world, introduce yourself to the new modern scams it brings! Happy Reading!


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Table of Contents

What Is Pedophrasty?

As strange as it sounds, what exactly is Pedophrasty? In simple words, it means that people are weak and suspend all skepticism in front of suffering children. 

Therefore, arguments involving children are used to prop up a rationale and make the opponent look like an asshole. This further means that nobody has the heart to investigate the veracity or source of the news. It is frequently done with photographs and can also refer to the exploitation of children by professional beggars who hire them from their parents and use them as valuable tools in their careers. Hence, remember that children tend to grow and need to be replaced. In addition to this, in fact, our maternal (and paternal) feelings are exploited by pedophrasts.


Effects Of Pedophrasty

Pedophrasty significantly impacts performers, journalists, and other intellectually insecure people who lack critical judgment and are terrified of being labeled as political correctness violators. 

For example, in the Syrian war, pedophrasty was widely exploited by propagandists like Julian Roepke, who constantly bombarded the German audience with images of dead children. Or the multiple lobbies employed by Saudi Arabia (and its allies) to push Sunni Islamist policies under the guise of “think tanks,” such as the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC.

Apart from this, the Nayirah testimony, false congressional testimony by a 15-year-old girl who gave her first name, Nayirah, who turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States, was partially responsible for pushing the US into the war. Nayirah claimed she saw Iraqi forces taking babies from incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital and abandoning them to die. Her accusations turned out to be false; however, it was too late to stop the war.

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In a nutshell, there are two facts regarding Pedophrasty according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb;

  • Pedophrasty is an excellent method for persuading individuals to defer their judgment. Scammers must utilize it because it is so powerful.
  • In a civilized society, pedophrasty, like “racism” and “sexism,” should be a potent label.

Bigoteering - Just Another Scam!

It all started with Tim Ferriss, who discusses labeling someone or their beliefs as “racist,” “chauvinist,” or something like this in circumstances where these labels are inappropriate.

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Basically, it is a clumsy ruse designed to capitalize on the stigmas associated with such titles and drive the opponent to spend time and energy explaining “why he or she is not a bigot.” It’s worth noting that virtue-peddling bigotes disrespect the actual victims of bigotry. Again, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Historical bigoteering explains;

1) No legislation can be applied retroactively.

2) You cannot hold somebody responsible for breaking a moral norm (or law) if they were unaware of the rule until after their actions.

Devastating Effects Of Bigoteering

Being a bigot entails a lack of tolerance for opposing viewpoints. Bigots, in particular, frequently engage in “holier than thou” games, in which they employ moral superiority to obtain status and push others down the social hierarchy. 

One way they do this is by accusing others of violating social ideals in an overly sensitive manner of being misogynistic, racist, sexist, etc. They might even pretend to be the victim, being offended, hurt, and so on. Calling out people who have done wrong makes you a vigilante hero and the person a social criminal. It entails no personal danger because there are no social consequences, even if the claim is false. It may appeal to the vigilante character for the wrong reasons. 

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A ‘kangaroo court’ approach can have disastrous effects on the target. They are presumed guilty unless proven innocent, and proving that they did not act with malice might be challenging. It doesn’t help when ‘friends’ take a step back out of fear of being contaminated, while others hurry to share the glory by becoming witnesses or even more victims.

This is a type of bullying in which one individual targets others for personal gain rather than to help others. It is a harsh technique that has the potential to destroy lives. Can you believe that Tim Ferriss used the term “bigotes” to describe them? In fact, ‘Social justice warrior’ is another term. Yes, protecting and supporting people is noble, but we must also be mindful of passing judgment on others based on little facts, particularly when we assume we know what they are thinking and intending. We frequently engage in mind-reading and are confident that we know what others think, but we are often mistaken, with disastrous consequences.

If we consider an example here, when the Lebanese government discusses the case of Syrian refugees, about 20–30 percent of the population, first-order bigots accuse them of racism, forcing them to defend themselves by explaining that “we are not racist, but.” Lebanese officials ignore the idea that foreign bigots should put some money where their mouths are and try to settle some Syrian refugees in their backyards in Washington, Paris, or London. They are the ones who are racists for refusing to do so.

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Lastly, the Kurds who want independence and the Arabs who don’t want it accuse each other of being racists. Localists (those who claim Canaanite, Phoenician, or Coptic culture and customs outside of Arab dominance and Arabist identitarian monoculturalism) are also accused of racism by Arabists, forgetting that Arabism is based on an imperialist, anti-inclusive, and racist ideology. A localist wants everyone to leave him alone (leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone, completing the moral symmetry of the silver rule), but Arabists want the non-Sunni minority to be their dhimmi servants or second-class citizens under the guise of “nonsectarianism.”

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Is There a Second Type Of Bigoteering?

Well, yes! In addition to bigotry, there’s a lot more such as siding with one party in a conflict based on race or gender without investigating the source of the problem, like J.K. Rowling or podcaster Mike Duncan frequently do. 

For example, siding automatically with professional BS operator Mary Beard in an intellectual conflict with a man, simply because Mary Beard was a woman, without understanding the nature of the dispute, then spinning arguments to explain the conflict.


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Nabothizing - False Accusation Alert!

Nabothizing can be clearly linked with what we read above, Bigoteering. It states that a false accusation of bigotry, especially if the accuser knows it is inaccurate, should result in the bigotry being punished as if they were a bigot themselves. However, remember that the Greek word sycophant originally meant “false accuser” before straying into English.

Since Hammurabi’s code, many legal systems have punished calumnies and false charges as if the accuser had committed the offenses himself. Obviously, there is a need for symmetry: criminal penalties are proportional to the crime; thus, inflicting such a penalty on an innocent person should be punished similarly.

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Now, what is Partializing? In simpler words, take advantage of one party’s nefarious characteristics while keeping the other hidden! For example, “He is a dictator” implies that the alternative is the Swedish parliament rather than a worse faction.

The problem can reach ridiculous proportions: it was used by interventionists in the Syrian War to describe the “dictator” without clarifying that his opponents are Al-Qaeda head-cutters. When the same people pushing for the overthrow of a tyrant praise Saudi Arabia while omitting to utilize the argument in such circumstances, you can detect partializing and dishonest thinking. Some may wonder, is there a difference between Taleb’s “partializing” and the term “half-truth” that already exists?

Thus, It’s been said that half-truths tell the largest lies. The phrase “half” emphasizes that the “half” share does not equal fifty percent. It simply means that key facts are withheld (deliberately) to support a story, usually to deceive people.

Fraud in the 21st Century - How To Stop?

In a nutshell, we all can agree that appropriately naming and characterizing phenomena is a form of cognition that gives us a tool for comprehending reality. 

Especially now, when psychology and sociology are rife with pseudoscience. It is a post-enlightenment phenomenon in which individuals began to adore individuality and created a cult out of the still immature human self. Although Pedophrasty, Nabothizing, Bigotry, Partializing, and Inconsistency are political and propaganda weapons, they are rooted in human psychology. 

They witness the deployment of these tools through social media and face-to-face interactions. They’re used to manipulate people’s minds! Then there’s the fact that fraud is on the rise in numerous forms, but the response isn’t particularly great. Why has the fraud problem been so neglected, and why hasn’t it gotten the attention it deserves?

To begin with, this has to do with deceit, which is the primary ingredient of fraud: deceiving someone or a system. Deception can be accomplished in various ways and is more abstract and nebulous than stealing or violence. Second, there is the scope of the crime: consumer, tax, long-term investment, cyber, financial, benefit, romantic, fraud against the elderly, and bankruptcy fraud, to which can be added the fraud element in white-collar crime, organized crime, and terrorism financing. Then comes what we just read, Pedophrasty, Bigoteering, and other modern scams such as Nabothizing and Partializing.

Fortunately, it looks as if alternative approaches to combating fraud will be used in the future. Victims will take proactive steps to prevent fraud in a variety of ways. Nevertheless, better data, more excellent knowledge, and preventive actions are required to cope with the twenty-first century’s crime.

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