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Amazon Delivery Box

Recent Warnings Have Emerged Against Fake Amazon Delivery Scams

Receiving shipments from Amazon randomly indicates that your information has been stolen. Your name, shipping address, and maybe your Amazon account details were somehow obtained by a third-party vendor. For those who have fallen victim to brushing scams, Amazon offers a helpful website. We also contacted the company’s press office, and we got an email with a comment from an Amazon representative. We act against people who break our policies, including withholding payments, suspending or eliminating selling privileges, or collaborating with police enforcement, it stated in part.

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In essence, e-commerce fraud occurs when someone attempts to get dollars or other assets from consumers in exchange for goods but never delivers those goods. In many jurisdictions, it is often considered a criminal offense.

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Senior Citizen

Top 5 Scams Targeting Senior Citizens in 2022

Senior citizens lose approximately $3 billion to financial scams. This statistic rose especially during the pandemic and continues to increase till today. In 2021, financial scams affecting the elderly population accounted for a loss of $1.7 billion, 74% more than the loss in 2020.

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