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The Art & Science of Internet Scams - How Do Internet Scams Work?

I’m sure everyone has heard of internet scams and how people lose hundreds and thousands of dollars through these scams. But what are internet scams and how do they work? Internet scams are continuously evolving with new methods of scamming people being invented and each type of scam varies. However, the meaning of internet scams is mainly someone using the internet software or services to take advantage of someone mostly for financial gain. These scammers and cybercriminals scam people by contacting them through their email, social media sites, dating applications, or work email accounts for the main motive of gaining any personal information or obtaining money.

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There are countless types of internet scams, let me take you through a few of them. There are romance or online dating scams which are through online dating applications such as Tinder. Scammers start an online relationship and once they gain the trust of the person they start asking for money or other financial incentives. People have lost almost more than 362 million US dollars from online dating scams in 2018 and this number continuously increases.  Another type of scam is the overpayment scam which is mainly through advertisement sites. A buyer asks you to buy the product you’re selling and sends more than the actual amount. They then ask you to send back the remaining payment and you get scammed and you pay the difference and then you realize the money they transferred was fake. 

Other types of scams include quick money promises, Facebook impersonation scams, fake shopping websites, phishing scams, unexpected prize scams, hitman scams, ransomware scams, and the tech support scam. There are truly new and innovative scams being invented every second because of social media and the increase in dating applications or online shopping websites. Trust me I’ve been there and I think most of the people reading this have been scammed. Either by paying the amount or being scammed by online dating apps. This article talks about online money scams and online dating scams. These are the two most common types of scams and this article talks about how thousands of people get scammed every year and lose hundreds and thousands of dollars. Let’s dive into the two most manipulative and creative types of scams!

Victims around the world lost around $529 million from being swindled by their cyber sweetheart report

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How Do Online Money Mule Scams Work?

Money mules are basically people scammers use to move any stolen money. So money mule scams take place in a number of ways and the story of such scams always involves online dating stories, work-at-home jobs, or any prizes or lucky draws. Let’s go through what happens in money mule scams. A scammer sends you a certain amount of money which is either by check or after that these scammers ask you to send this money to someone else. 

They often ask you to use gift cards or wire transfers to transfer some of the money. In this case, you’re a money mule and you’re unaware of the money being stolen and the victim is unaware that the scammer is lying about the money. So if you manage to actually deposit the check it might clear for a while but later it’ll turn out to be fake. In such a case the bank will require you to repay the amount and if you do something as stupid as giving your account information to the scammer they’ll definitely misuse it. 

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This could lead to legal problems for you since the legal authorities might think of you as an ally of the scammer. Sometimes the scammer might pose as someone who is offering you a job opportunity and they can say you’ve won this much money as a prize and they’ll establish an online relationship with you. Most scammers target students, especially those who are desperate for jobs or relationships, small business owners, odd people, or retired people since they are easy targets. The main ways through recruiting and targeting money Mike’s is through online dating websites, online job sites, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, or other phishing emails.

Ways To Identify If You Are Being Used as A Money Mule!

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There are certain ways to identify if you’re being used as a money mule by scammers. If you ever receive social media messages that are unsolicited or you receive unsolicited emails which guarantee money without any effort. For example, spin the wheel prizes that also show other people’s reviews to make it more believable. Another way to detect this is if you’re being asked to open a bank account for receiving and sending money and you’re being told to keep a certain amount of money. 

Moreover, if anyone asks you to take a job that has no set duties or if you have an employer that doesn’t meet you and online contacts you through Gmail or yahoo. You’re likely to be a money mule so please stop communicating with such pages. Do not ever transfer money or any other item and notify law enforcement and the bank. 

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Please beware of such fake emails and especially any students who are looking for jobs do not accept or click on job offers that require you to send your personal information and feature a good salary package without any duties and with minimal effort. Money mules are likely to be people who are easy targets and students are the most common target.

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What Can You Do To Avoid Getting Scammed?

There are several tips and tricks to avoid being a money mule and avoid being scammed. Firstly, never ever use your own bank account or open one simply to transfer money for your said employer.Another tip is to never pay money to collect a prize or collect an item you won online without any effort. Another tip is to never send money to a potential online love interest even if they send you money first because that money is likely fake and you’ll get scammed.

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So, avoid these scams and break off any contact with the scammers if you feel like you’re being scammed. The best advice is to report it to the government and law enforcement because that’s the best way to deal with such issues before you get caught and get jail time. I’m sure no one wants to end up in an orange suit behind bars. Almost a quarter of all times of financial losses have been from fraud and approximately 770 million US dollars have been lost from online scams mainly through social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat.


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. We can help you with your legal and technical concerns. We can help you get your money back.

How Do Online Dating Scams Work?

Isn’t this the most popular and most common type of scam? I’m sure you’ve been scammed by online love interests and you keep it as your little secret. It’s okay, haven’t we all been scammed by someone who we think is our potential Mr or Mrs right on Tinder but that person ends up being a scammer.

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So let’s dive into what online dating scams are and how they work. Millions and billions of people around the globe use online dating applications and sites. There are a few stories of successful matches and people finding love but there are many online dating scams and these scams are now on the rise. Online dating scams are also known as romance scams or romance fraud which sounds more hilarious!

It’s basically when someone believes that they have matched with someone through an online dating application or website but the person is a scammer who is using a fake profile. The scammer uses creative techniques to manipulate the victim and always has excuses for not meeting or video calling. 

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After manipulating the victim and gaining their trust the scammer exploits them by asking for money or by asking for personal information. A lot of people fall victim to romance fraud and mostly scammers target older people since they have assets such as retirement funds or they target children who are rich. However, it is known that most types of online dating scams happen with women who are within the age of 50 years old or above.

There Are Numerous Types of Dating Scams

There are several types of online dating scams that take place. Scammers get innovative and are able to manipulate people using different types of techniques. Military romance scams are a type of online dating scams where people use the profile of an actual soldier or create a fake profile. They send messages that are legitimate and make people trust them. The scammers use military jargon to seem real and build a strong connection and then ask for money for flights home or for military medical coverage.They also work with other people who pretend to be doctors or lawyers and are promised an amount so that they keep pretending. These types of scams are so common that the US Army has issued a properly detailed sheet to detect fake soldiers.

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Another type of scam is through fake dating websites which are sites that offer proper meetups. An example of popular scam websites include sites that ask you several questions that mostly include questions about your finances and personal information. You might be asked to fill a survey that requests you for questions related to your finances and after that, you start getting matches which are basically scammers waiting to prey on the innocent. Another type of common online dating scam is the code verification scam. These are commonly done on Tinder applications and it usually involves an email or a text message that asks you for verification for your Tinder account. 

This message usually claims that Tinder is updating the application and asking you to verify your account. This usually features a third-party link to verify your account and once you click on it, it asks all sorts of personal questions such as your phone number, bank account, address, or email. Once you enter this information you’ll easily be a victim of a scam.

Stay Safe & Avoid Getting Scammed

The number one way of avoiding such scams is to quit clicking on third-party links, especially for verifications. Do not give your personal information to anyone online and if you feel someone is acting weird on a dating application immediately block and remove.

Another tip is to ensure you do not pay or send your credit card or debit card details to anyone online. Feel free to block or delete anyone who asks you for personal information whether it is your bank account number, occupation, address, mother or father’s name, social security number, or email address.

Refrain from clicking on any link that asks you for verifications related to your account and does not fill any surveys that ask you for information that is privileged and is related to your financial status or social security number. The most common way people fall prey to such scams is by clicking on sites and entering personal data for verification. Learn more on how to protect yourself by visiting our website!

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry!

So, we’ve been through the various types of online scams, and let me tell you that these scammers are surely a work of art! Their brains are working faster than us!

I mean if they put this much effort into their algebra paper they’d surely graduate high school and not end up doing shady business like this. Aside from the unfortunate destiny of these scammers, it’s very important to keep your data safe and secure from such hackers. 

It’s crucial to not click on any shady advertisements or click on links that require you to enter your personal information whether it’s your name or your credit card information. It’s important to check the website you’re entering your financial information in, especially if it requires you to enter your credit card number and address.

Beware of any fishy and shady online dating applications and online pop-ups. Please block all such ads and never reply or click on unknown links! It’s a trap!

do you need help?

A lot of those who contact us have questions and concerns about their personal and business data being compromised. We aim to arm you with the legal and technical know-how in the fight against scams. Also, we will be able to refer you to top scam recovery agencies.

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