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ALERT | TradeHUB Review: Is it Legit or a Scam

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What Is TradeHUB About

TradeHUB is a brand synonymous with excellence in the world of forex trading, according to the website, having established itself as one of the leading providers of online FX and CFD services.

TradeHUB appears to be one of the most well-known names in the forex industry, with a 40-year Group operational history. TradeHUB claims to offer clients everything they need to make informed trading decisions, based on a long track record of providing an outstanding and trustworthy trading experience to its global customer base. They claim to have provided service provision in over 140 countries, have 5 offices in the world’s leading financial centers, and have 15 global awards of excellence. 

The website gives off the impression that it is a cutting-edge foreign exchange bureau; however, the truth is quite different: it is said to be a hoax! Is TradeHUB a reputable company? Continue reading to find out what we think about this topic.

About Trade Hub

About Trade Hub

What Are They Offering / Promising to Clients?

With a 40-year Group operational history. TradeHUB claims to offer clients everything they need to make informed trading decisions, based on a long track record of providing an outstanding and trustworthy trading experience to its global customer base. Their products include Forex, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and commodities. They claim to provide you with trading tools for a range of markets. 

Trade Hub Offers

According to the website, TradeHUB provides its clients with both live and demo accounts, as well as a variety of account types based on their specific needs. They also provide VIP and Corporate accounts for clients who actively trade in larger volumes. All trading accounts provide some of the industry’s best trading conditions. TradeHUB claims to provide a wide range of trading accounts to suit every trading style and level of experience. They promise to provide trading solutions whether you are a novice, professional, or corporate trader!

Read this TradeHUB review to find out if can TradeHUB be trusted.

Is TradeHUB Legit Or a Scam?

TradeHUB promises to be an honest trader and give you a huge percentage of profits. But we will tell you Is TradeHUB Legit? Or is TradeHUB a scam?

Dealing with unregulated offshore brokers is extremely risky, which is why we only recommend regulated brokers. TradeHub appears to be a scam, and let us explain why!

Do you suspect that someone had scammed you?

If you have any suspicion of a scam or phishing attack, then you can rely on TheClaimers to help you with protection, mitigation, and fund recovery. You will feel safe knowing that experts with years of experience will be guiding you!

Is TradeHUB Licensed?

TradeHub is not a licensed firm.

Almost all firms and individuals in the UK engaged in financial services must be authorized or registered with the FCA. This firm is not authorized or registered with the FCA, but it has been targeting people in the UK while claiming to be one.

This is referred to as a ‘clone firm,’ and fraudsters typically use this tactic when cold calling people, so you should be especially cautious if you have been cold called. They may use the genuine firm’s name, the ‘firm reference number (FRN) assigned by the FCA to the authorized firm, or other information.


FCA Source

FCA authorization

We verified that TradeHUB is not a licensed or regulated broker. The provided information also indicated that is Operated by TradeHUB LIMITED. Moreover, we’ve also found out that the license numbers are real only that they are Clone to a company named HYCM CAPITAL MARKETS (UK) LIMITED.

Trade Hub Compliance

Moreover, if we have a look at the terms & conditions provided by TradeHub on their website, it reflects that Trade Hub advertises very attractive spreads, starting virtually from zero. It is clear that such conditions can be considered a major Red Flag.

Are There Any Similar Or Duplicate Sites Detected

We found that TradeHUB has similar websites. Upon further investigation, we found that their structure and offers are similar and we didn’t find any mention of affiliation between the websites. Below is a list of sites that we found similar to TradeHUB.

Trader Hub Duplicate

High Risk Investment

About HYCM

Are the awards legit?

TradeHub claims to have won 15 awards for Global excellence. Despite the fact that our team tried to verify the awards, we could not gather any solid evidence on whether the awards are true or not. This only makes one question the credibility of TradeHub even more!


TradeHUB Opinions on Review Sites and Social Media Platforms

This website is very young and has a suspiciously high number of reviews which makes us question the credibility of these reviews. Once our team tracked down the reviews, we found out that TradeHUB doesn’t have any social media presence. 

Trade Hub

The owner or any higher authority in the company has not been indicated or shown. Based on the details/information gathered, there are plenty of RED Marks for Legitimacy and Transparency that could tell that the site was malicious. Lastly, This website has been marked as a threat by DNSFilter in the last 30 days

Comparing TradeHUB To Well Established Companies

Comparing TradeHUB to legal websites such as, provides more safe investments, better deals, better instruction for crypto newcomers, and a community that has already been established.

We saw advertisements on this website that offered a simple method of making money. According to our experience, investment possibilities with large returns typically have a portfolio with a very high level of risk.

There is no such thing as “assured profit” or “guaranteed income.” Please conduct extensive research on this firm before investing any money. We warn you to utilize this website’s services with caution, since the personal information you provide might be compromised, along with your device.

How To Get Your Money Back if You Were Scammed by TradeHUB

money on table

You put in a lot of effort to save money and build your financial future.

And nothing is worse than having your hard work undone by a scammer or hacker. Whenever someone requests your financial information, consider whether they are legitimate and why they require it. In most cases, this is enough to deter a potential scammer from targeting you further.

If you have been scammed by organizations such as TradeHUB, The Claimers is here to help you recover. Report your case to us, and we will assist you in contacting reputable organizations that can assist those who have been scammed or had their personal information stolen.



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